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Unlimited Highlights: Archangel

The rises and falls of Warren Worthington III as the Dark Angel Saga draws to a close in Uncanny X-Force



By Ben Chabala

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With UNCANNY X-FORCE #17—the penultimate chapter of the Dark Angel Saga that will change Archangel forever once again—in stores this week, we thought it’d be beneficial to help you bone up on the life and times of Warren Worthington III.


In the Midwest a little girl bleeds from her hands and dreams of angels; in Vermont Warren Worthington III soars into the state’s high school high jump record book. While Warren leads St. Joe’s Knights to victory on the track, behind closed doors the teenage prodigy finds deep purple bruises growing on his back. Puberty’s raging hormones at work or something more? Witness the origins of the X-Men’s high-flying hero, the amazing Angel right here!


After escaping from Magneto’s citadel and out-flying Quicksilver and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Angel stumbles across a sanctuary even more secret: the den of the Red Raven! If Warren ever wants to reach the Avengers and rescue his friends he’ll need to battle a foe as aerially acrobatic as he is. Will Angel subdue the vicious Red Raven or will the extra-terrestrial birdman clip the angelic adventurer’s wings?

X-FACTOR (1986) #34

Cameron Hodge, mutant-hating xenophobe and one of Warren Worthington’s oldest friends, has kidnapped Archangel’s girlfriend Candy Southern, and left her brain dead. Apocalypse’s deadly winged warrior means to avenge his love a hundred fold even if he has to slash his way through an army of Hodge’s robots to do it. Nothing will stop Warren’s bloodlust, and heaven help anyone who stands between his razor sharp wings and Candy. When Death takes flight against the Right, will anyone make it out alive?

EXCALIBUR (2004) #11

Warren Worthington III weaves between the skyscrapers dotting Zanzibar’s humble capital, avoiding aerial salvos from a small but deadly Weaponeer armada. What they want, Angel can only guess, but with the firepower they’re packing it can’t be good.  Luckily Paige Guthrie, Angel’s girlfriend and a powerful X-Woman in her own right, guards President Baracka from the assassins. Unluckily, Viper, one of the world’s most deadly killers shows up to take Baracka’s head. Will Warren be able to save the day in time?

X-FORCE (2008) #5

Archangel stalks the skies once more, a harbinger of death to those who took his wings!  The Purifiers used him to give their army the power of flight, and now, fueled by the fallen Apocalypse’s alien technology, he swoops down on Bastion’s guardians with a wrath unlike any before. Whatever blood and death Wolverine’s X-Force doled out can’t compare to what Warren’s going to do to Bastion, Risman, and their entire unholy Choir.

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