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Fear Itself

The Fearless: Sleeper

An exclusive preview of the earth-shaking menace that will send major shockwaves through Fear Itself: The Fearless

By Jim Beard

In the prologue to FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS, Sin, the uncompromisingly evil daughter of the infamous Red Skull, wove a prophecy. Her words stand as a, as writer Cullen Bunn calls it, “doomsday revelation” for the Marvel Universe, one that touches upon its sordid history while at the same time painting a grim portrait for its future:

"Nine worlds... nine worlds for the spoiling...and eight weapons...ripped from the sky...eight weapons of purpose. But greater purposes yet... purposes even the gods fear... purposes that could yet shape the world."

Emerging details in the first two issues of THE FEARLESS reveal Sin may be on to something, so we checked in with Bunn to shed a bit of light on the prophecy and an image from the upcoming FEARLESS #5.

“That prophecy is a driving force for Sin, and as she steamrolls toward her ultimate goal, we learn that Odin and The Serpent had been preparing for the fallout of Fear Itself for a long, long time,” says the writer. “For decades, the Red Skull's been unleashing these Sleepers on the populace. What we'll learn, though, is that the Sleepers are more than just giant robots. They are connected to the Asgardian Destroyers in a major way.

“Did I say Destroyers? Plural? Yeah, I did.”

FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS #3 hits stores this Wednesday, November 16. You can pick up issue #4 on December 7 and then #5 on December 21.

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thought so... looked like the Destroyer... but with a touch of Nimrod...