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A Marvel Thanksgiving

Kieron Gillen, Greg Pak, Cullen Bunn and other Marvel creators share what they are thankful for this year

By Jim Beard

We’d be hard-pressed to guess exactly what all of our high-flying Marvel characters would be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but with our galaxy of peerless creators we can be a bit more precise. Your friends here at Marvel.com checked in with a mess of ‘em and asked one simple question:

“What in comics are you most thankful for this year?”

And here’s what they said:

James Asmus (writer, GENERATION HOPE) – “I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to tell stories using these fantastic characters who had such an impact on me over the years. Getting to contribute to rich legacy of these modern mythic icons is a genuine honor. And thank you, dear readers, for reading them!”

Cullen Bunn (writer, BATTLE SCARS, THE FEARLESS) – “I'm thankful for a supportive wife, a son who sparks my imagination, and—for the first time in all my years—the chance to pursue my lifelong dream of writing comic books full-time.”

Mike Carey (writer, X-MEN LEGACY) – “The return of Chris Bachalo to a frontline X-Men book!”

Andy Diggle (writer, SIX GUNS) – “I'm thankful for Davide Gianfelice's artwork. Heart and swagger.”

Christos Gage (writer, AVENGERS ACADEMY) – “I’m most thankful for the readers and retailers who allow me to have the best job in the world! Hope everyone has the happiest of Thanksgivings!”

Kieron Gillen (writer, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, UNCANNY X-MEN) – “Editors occasionally answering my e-mails.”

Victor Gischler (writer, X-MEN) – “I'm thankful for X-MEN, obviously. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to write such cool characters. And I still have a soft spot for all things Deadpool. He hits my funny area just right.”

Greg Pak (writer, ASTONISHING X-MEN, ALPHA FLIGHT) – “I'm thankful for the fans who plunk down their hard-earned dollars for the books I write; for my amazing creative collaborators, who pour their hearts into every panel and page; and for organizations like The Hero Initiative and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund , who make our industry and the world a little better.”

Tom Peyer (writer, SHAME ITSELF, FEAR ITSELF: THE WORTHY) – “I'm thankful that, in the operatically hyper-serious world of super heroes, a niche still exists for funny comics. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on SHAME ITSELF, DEADPOOL TEAM-UP and a few other humor projects this year.”

Paolo Rivera (artist, DAREDEVIL) – “I'm thankful that comics has treated me so well for so long. Next June will mark a decade with Marvel, and it's still my dream job. You can't ask for more than that. It's the nerd equivalent of saying you're going to be a rock star, then actually becoming one. And then your manager turns out to be a genuinely nice guy who books all the best venues for you while making sure you get there on time. In this metaphor, editor Steve Wacker is my back-up dancer.”


Steve Wacker (Senior Editor) – “The whole ‘Jane Austenverse’ has been a delight with some beautiful art on EMMA, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and now Janet Lee on NORTHANGER ABBEY. It doesn't get the attention of our super hero line, but it should.”

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Marvel.com!




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