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Experience HALO on the Barnes & Noble NOOK

Halo: Uprising by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev comes to digital comics in a new way

HALO®, the blockbuster video game franchise that redefined an entire medium, comes to the world of digital comics today via Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Bookstore™. With the launch of NOOK Tablet, Barnes & Noble is now offering a vast new collection of full-color comics, graphic novels and kids’ comics in high resolution that makes the action virtually jump off the page.  Experience the thrill of the Master Chief’s epic battles on the go with the digital graphic novel release of Marvel Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed HALO: UPRISING! Then, join the fight in more exciting HALO digital graphic novels now available to purchase on your NOOK Tablet!

HALO: UPRISING, from the chart topping team of Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev, drew rave reviews and quickly became a New York Times bestselling graphic novel, paving the way for numerous future bestsellers including HALO: HELLJUMPER, HALO: BLOOD LINE and HALO: FALL OF REACH-BOOT CAMP.

Whether you’re a long time HALO fan or new to the world of the Master Chief, HALO: UPRISING is a perfect jumping on point, praised by fans and critics alike!

“Bendis and Maleev are at their finest in quieter, ground-level moments … Those who dig the series’ untold tales, though — the kind of stuff seen in 2006’s awesome HALO GRAPHIC NOVEL — will enjoy this gripping new chapter.” -Corey Cohen, Official X-Box Magazine

"Bendis and Maleev bring you a side of HALO that you haven't seen before: more human than alien, with enough heart and action to satisfy all tastes." -Rene Rosa, UGO.Com

“HALO: UPRISING has turned out to be a pretty great damn comic… [it] will stand as a really stellar work of fiction in the Halo Universe,” exclaims Benjamin Birdie of ComicBookResources.Com. “Just as gripping as any great summer blockbuster.”

So what’re you waiting for? Suit up, head over to the NOOK Book store, and experience the world of HALO digital graphic novels, as brought to you by Marvel Entertainment!


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Does this mean I have to buy a tablet? Will it ever be available for PC or Android?