Criminal Gets Lawless In Brand-New Collection!



After winning the prestigious Eisner Award for "Best New Series" and "Best Writer," in addition to the Harvey Award for "Best Writer," the critically-acclaimed CRIMINAL returns with a new collection—CRIMINAL VOL.2: LAWLESSTPB. The award-winning team of red-hot writer Ed Brubaker (X-MEN: MESSIAH COMPLEX, DAREDEVIL, CAPTAIN AMERICA) and Sean Phillips (MARVEL ZOMBIES) bring you a Christmas Eve heist story just in time for the holidays! Tracy Lawless is home for the holidays, experiencing his first Christmas in nearly 20 years…but his family reunion won't be a happy one! As he hunts those who killed his last living relative—younger brother Ricky—Tracy will find himself drawn into the same criminal world he left thought left behind. But even if he finds the answers he seeks, will he survive the journey? "…dark and genius…" – David S. Goyer ("Batman Begins") "…spot on, and wonderfully unforgiving." – Frank Miller (Sin City, DAREDEVIL) "…an absolute home run." – Brian K. Vaughan (RUNAWAYS, "Lost") "…fine-tuning a wellworn genre." – Entertainment Weekly "…won't find a better crime story than this." – Nashville City Paper It's the most acclaimed crime series in comics today and if you haven't sampled CRIMINALyet, CRIMINAL VOL.2: LAWLESS TPB will show you just why it's the book everyone talking about! Plus don't miss CRIMINAL VOL. 1: COWARDTPB, collecting the first story that started it all! CRIMINAL VOL. 2: LAWLESS TPB (OCT072158) Written by Ed Brubaker Pencils and Cover by Sean Phillips Mature Content…$14.99 FOC—11/15/07, On-Sale—12/12/07 CRIMINAL VOL. 1: COWARD TPB (MAR072132) Written by Ed Brubaker Pencils and Cover by Sean Phillips Mature Content…$14.99 On-Sale—NOW! To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook

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