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Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers Spotlight: Captain Britain

Rick Remender brings the greatest hero of England to the Avengers and talks about how he will fit in

By Ben Morse

Captain Britain has always been one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by virtue of his deeds and power, but his adventures have rarely carried him beyond England’s shores—until now.

When writer Rick Remender and artist Gabriel Hardman take over SECRET AVENGERS in February with issue #22, they’ll officially induct Brian Braddock into the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. His new affiliation will allow Captain Britain to expand his mandate further than ever before and give him some much-needed back-up for upcoming challenging situations.

“Brian accepted the invitations to join this secret sect of Avengers as it allows him greater opportunity to serve humanity,” explains Remender. “While Britain is obviously his home base, Brian is a global citizen, mindful of protecting our world and even our universe; the same way Captain America might originate as a soldier from the [United States] but he has an eye on everything.

“Captain Britain has recently become Lord of Otherworld—see UNCANNY X-FORCE #20-23 for more on this—as well as leader of the reformed Captain Britain Corps, and with this comes the responsibility to protect the entire Omniverse.”

With Clint Barton now running the Secret Avengers, he had his pick of heroes to staff his squad, and made Brian a top draft pick.

“One of the reasons Hawkeye handpicked him is that when Brian’s confidence and integrity are at high levels, his strength is off the charts, giving the team a heavy hitting ‘super’ man,” Remender notes. “He’s as strong as anybody else in the Marvel Universe, but only proportionate to his confidence in the ethical integrity of his work. He also has access to the Tower Omniverse, within the Starlight Citadel. In this tower there is a doorway leading to every single alternate dimension. Our Secret Avengers are not only charged with dealing with international threats, they will be dealing with inter-dimensional threats as well. Brian plays the lead when it comes to those jobs.”

However, will he be taking the lead perhaps more than a certain Avenging Archer may desire? With his headstrong attitude and propensity for playing top dog, will Captain Britain be content to take orders from Hawkeye?

“That’s a very good question,” affirms Remender. “We deal with that in [our] very first issue, #22. They have a complicated and somewhat hostile dynamic from day one. Brian sees himself as Hawkeye’s superior. Leader of the Captain Britain Corps, protector of the Omniverse, former head of MI:13, former leader of Excalibur—Brian’s been the top dog in most of the organizations he’s belonged to for a long time. Coming into a team where he’s not exactly a known commodity and as the new Avenger on the block, he’s not going to be in a command post and that’s going to be difficult for him.

“Teaching Brian a little humility is always part of the fun of that character. I really love the grumpy, noble, magically powered physicist trying to get out of someone’s shadow, be it playboy brother Jamie, fashion model-turned-X-Man sister Betsy, or Pete Wisdom in MI:13. His relationship with Hawkeye is going to go to some fun places.”

On the flipside, Brian’s responsibilities outside the Avengers may take his new team to some not-so-fun places, but ones readers should enjoy.

“I have two big storylines I’m working on right now, one that dabbles in the mystical side of the Marvel Universe and one that dabbles in the Omniverse,” Remender teases. “I have a solid character arc in mind for Captain Britain that plays out over the course of the first year. Where Brian is headed as a character will be informed by his ability to be a team player in the face of these threats.”

Captain Britain Digital Comics Spotlight

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Stay tuned for more Secret Avengers Spotlight and be sure to get SECRET AVENGERS #21.1 on January 25!

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