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Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!

What The--?! The Incredible Drive Part Two

The Hulk and friends continue their roadtrip adventure featuring the 2012 Toyota Yaris

Check out the latest installment of a special four-part Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! adventure, as The Incredible Drive, starring The Hulk and featuring the 2012 Toyota Yaris, continues!

On their way to fabled Cleveland, Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange and The Punisher stop by Captain America's Carnival looking for fun and a shooting gallery! Will Strange get the cotton candy he desires? Will Banner keep his cool? And what happens when M.O.D.O.K. shows up?

Enjoy this special installment of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!, and for more of the 2012 Toyota Yaris visit their official web site!

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this show is hilarious keep it up when do the new ep[isodes come on  


Keep doing your episodes like this and the previous one... But less M.O.D.O.K. and more Deadpool!