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Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers Spotlight: Valkyrie

Rick Remender discusses what the changes within the team mean to this Asgardian, and the fallout of her Fearless actions

By Ben Morse

Valkyrie has been a busy warrior woman of late, trekking across the Marvel Universe facing off against friend and foe alike on a quest to track down the hammers of the Serpent’s Worthy in FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS. While her status among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been called into question by her teammates in that title, she will still stand among them when Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman take over SECRET AVENGERS with issue #22 in February.

“She’s here to hurt bad people, keep innocents safe and save the world—the team she does it with means very little to her [in my opinion],” says Remender of Valkyrie’s reactions to shifts within the Secret Avengers structure. “The dynamic changes for sure, and Valkyrie ends up in a few awkward moments due to the changes, but it’s mostly business as usual for her.”

However, while Val may be expecting things to stay the same, expect major changes as a direct result of her actions in FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS. That Valkyrie went against the wishes of and even battled the other Avengers for possession of the hammers will not be forgotten, but that will not be the only new development.

“I’ve been talking with [FEARLESS writer] Cullen [Bunn] and [editor] Tom [Brevoort] a good bit and we have some plans for things to carry over,” Remender reveals. “Without giving anything away, there is a romance brewing that will have direct connections to THE FEARLESS and lead to some complicated situations for the team moving forward.

“The squad is a secret, and what they do is secret. I really like the idea that their new space station, The Lighthouse, also a secret, is sort of a house of secrets; Sean Connery 007 1960’s style intrigue, adventure and naughty business.”

We’ve discussed already how new team member Captain Britain will be shaking things up as far as his relationships with Hawkeye and The Human Torch, but Valkyrie will prove another intriguing interaction for Brian Braddock.

“The relationship they develop will be different than you might think,” shares Remender. “Given that they have many similarities my first instinct was that they should butt heads. And I even wrote a scene where they did. But eventually I erased it because it felt strained; it felt like I was trying to lean into an instinct as opposed to writing the scene the way it naturally felt. Sometimes as a writer you’re drawn to create conflict and it’s not always the best instinct. In terms of these two characters it definitely wasn’t.

“Also, given that most of the team are men, I like the idea that [Valkyrie] would sort of team up with Black Widow, something we’ve been seeing in the series in the past, and form a girls club. I have some ideas moving forward for things that will help Black Widow and Valkyrie bond over more than just shared membership to the same super hero [team].”

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Stay tuned for more Secret Avengers Spotlight and be sure to get SECRET AVENGERS #21.1 on January 25!

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