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Unlimited Highlights: Winter Wonderland

Tis the season to enjoy five chilly digital classics featuring Iron Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four and others



By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

With the holiday season upon us and the white of winter threatening to cover the land, this week Unlimited Highlights prepares you for the coming snow with five amazing stories set in brisk winter wonderlands. Sit back, relax, and try to stay warm while your favorite Marvel heroes head out into the cold.


Deranged former Stark Industries employee Professor Shapanka craves the secret to eternal life and he thinks he’ll find it in cryogenics. The wayward intellectual creates a special suit that drops his body temperature to an absolutely arctic level, essentially transforming him into a walking snowman, just without Frosty’s friendly personality. He wants revenge on Iron Man for getting him fired and on Tony Stark for giving him the boot. Can Shellhead stand up to the villain’s frozen onslaught?

ALPHA FLIGHT #6 (1983)

In the wilds of the Great White North an oil company sets its sights on a patch of prime drilling ground, not realizing that lurking beneath the surface lies an ancient evil itching for release. Instead of hitting pay dirt they awaken Kolomaq, one of Canada’s Great Beasts, a monster of incredible power, and capable of unspeakable evil. He controls the wind and the snow, he’s the master of blizzards, and only Snowbird may stand against him. But does even Alpha Flight’s resident demi-god have enough power to fight winter itself?

THOR #346

The forces of evil, the realm of faerie, and the terrible Dark Elf Malekith want the Casket of Ancient Winters and only Roger Willis bars the way of eternal snowfall. Pressed for time, Malekith unleashes the hounds and summons the Wild Hunt to catch his quarry.  Luckily for Roger, Thor hears the hunter’s horn and comes to the old man’s aid.  Now it’s the Thunder God and Roger vs. Malekith and the dogs of war with the fate of the world hanging in the balance!

VENOM #1 (2003)

A U.S. Army soldier named Robertson just stumbled onto a mess. When she goes to trade with the researchers at an Arrarat Corporation research outpost she finds everyone dead and a thick tar-like residue covering the insides of the base. What happened at the compound? Will the one shell-shocked survivor shed some light on this mystery? And most importantly, what does this have to do with a certain someone’s old symbiote suit?


When the most secluded research station in all of Antarctica discovers some incredibly interesting structures in a lake beneath the ice, the FF put on their parkas and head out to the coldest place on Earth! Of course A.I.M. would have to go and ruin one of the most amazing scientific discoveries of the last century by trying to kill everything in the pristine aquatic environment, but Marvel’s first family teams with the lake’s inhabitants, the ancient ancestors of Atlantis, and puts an end to their silly beehive-headed villainy.  Wait, the ancestors of Atlantis? You’ll have to read it to believe it!

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