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Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers Spotlight: Venom

The Symbiote Soldier rounds out the team and Rick Remender tells us what is in store for Flash Thompson

By Ben Morse

When Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman take over SECRET AVENGERS in February with issue #22, they’re bulking up the team with an Avenging Archer, Marvel’s original android, and Britain’s primary powerhouse among others, but they’ve also got one more wild card up their symbiotic sleeve.

Meet the newest Avenger: Venom.

Remender, who also pens the VENOM ongoing series, promises both excitement and frustration for Flash Thompson as he steps up to join a group of heroes he’s long idolized.

“It’s like the guy whose band suddenly is selling out stadiums,” likens the writer. “His life is entirely different. But in Flash’s case, he has to keep it a secret from everyone in his regular life. It’s all a secret. Saved the world? Can’t tell anyone. Defeated a time traveling soul stealer? Keep it to yourself.

“Back home Flash is just a guy. He lost his legs in Mosul. He works for a living. His father recently passed away. His life is hard. But at night he’s top-secret Avenger Venom, one of the most powerful people on the planet. It’s going to make the choice between being Flash Thompson or Venom very hard.”

A decorated military veteran, the Symbiote Soldier brings a certain level of discipline to the table, but while Flash Thompson may be a good guy to have around, that doesn’t guarantee anything as far as Venom goes.

“He is good about chain of command and he follows order,” Remender says. “The question is will the team accept him? Will he have a chance to be a team player? He is Venom after all. Some of the cast might have misgivings.”

Those doubts about this potentially dangerous newcomer’s place with any Avengers group persist for some of his colleagues despite their knowledge of his background and the tragic circumstances he has experienced in his recent past.

“They’re not all very excited about having Venom on the team,” reiterates Remender. “Some are more sympathetic than others. Getting the job is only the first part. Now he has to earn it.

“The real issue is how they are going to deal with Spider-Man. It would be like Cap discovering that Spider-Man has secretly put The Red Skull on a clandestine Avengers team. The people who put Venom on the team feel Flash has earned his spot—see why in VENOM #14—but given who is inside the suit and Spidey’s feelings about the suit itself, well, there are some fun stories coming up.”

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Stay tuned for more Secret Avengers news and be sure to get SECRET AVENGERS #21.1 on January 25!

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my have to pick up SECRET AVENGERS now if my boy Venom is going be on the team.