The Other Continues to Roll



In what is now the third consecutive Spider-Man: The Other sellout, Amazing Spider-Man #525 has sold out at Diamond.

Following the sellouts of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 and Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19, Amazing Spider-Man #525 is also being sent back to press for a Second Printing Variant Cover. Keeping with the theme of the Other second printing covers, this one features a Mike Wieringo "Ben Reilly" costume cover.

The Other is the biggest Spider-Man event in over five years and the reception by fans and retailers has been nothing short of amazing. The first act of this Spider-event written by Peter David has come to a close, but The Other is just kicking into high gear as Spider-Man still has to face the one opponent he has never beaten.

Be sure to follow the next act of the Spider-Man: The Other written by Reginald Hudlin in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20, and Amazing Spider-Man #526. And then it's over to J. Michael Straczynski as he delivers the third act, followed by all three writers returning to their own titles for the finale.

Spider-Man: The Other is well underway. Now it's up to Spider-Man whether he evolves…or dies.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #525 2nd Printing Variant (SEP058241D)
Guest Writer PETER DAVID
Pencils and Cover by MIKE DEODATO
FOC – 11/10, On Sale – 11/30/2005

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