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Avengers Re-Imagined

Avengers Re-Imagined: Moon Knight & Tigra

Two of Marvel's more offbeat defenders emerge as Avengers in the House of M

By Ben Morse

cover by
Mike Perkins

In the world we know, the name "Avenger" comes with a certain amount of distinction. It labels one as a member of an elite fraternity also called "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and represents the apex of what a champion for good can achieve. Beginning next Wednesday, November 14, writer Christos Gage and artist Mike Perkins, the creative team behind last year's UNION JACK mini-series, reunite for a return to the alternate reality ruled by mutants introduced in 2005's landmark "House of M" event. The five-issue HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS will explore what it means to be an Avenger in a very different kind of world. For the next week leading into the debut of HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS, each day Marvel.com will spotlight two of the book's cast of familiar but changed faces with Gage and Perkins exploring the journey they took to re-imagine these classic Marvel characters. Today we examine two of the Marvel Universe's defenders on the fringe who have become key members of the Avengers in the House of M: Moon Knight and Tigra. In a place where everything we know has changed, one thing remains the same: the world still needs Avengers.

Moon Knight in

IN OUR WORLD: Left for dead by fellow mercenary Raoul Bushman after disapproving of his colleague's brutal murder of a doctor accompanying them on an Egyptian archaeological dig, Marc Spector received a second chance at life when the god Khonshu resurrected him to serve as his agent on Earth. Spector adopted a costume and became the hero Moon Knight, but in creating aliases millionaire Steven Grant and taxi driver Jake Lockley to serve his purposes, he became consumed by his own psychoses over time and disappeared. Moon Knight recently returned to action, his tactics more brutal and his mind more fractured than ever before. CHRISTOS GAGE: "[In the House of M reality] Moon Knight was actually a C.I.A. operative who was on the side of the humans in the human-mutant war, and he was actually in the deserts of Africa fighting against Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Apocalypse and his Horsemen wiped out Marc Spector's unit, killing all of them and leaving Marc Spector for dead. He stumbled, barely alive, into this cave to get out of the sun, and it turned out to be the tomb of the god of vengeance, Khonshu. He became Moon Knight, and went out to seek vengeance for what had been done to him. He hears about Cage and what he and Hawkeye are doing, and he seeks them out, because he feels that their agendas meet up." TIGRA

Tigra in the
Marvel Universe

IN OUR WORLD: Granted enhanced senses and agility via voluntary physical experimentation performed upon her by her old physics professor, Joanne Tumulo, Greer Nelson became the costumed adventurer known as the Cat. Later, the Cat saved Tumulo from an attack by Hydra, sustaining serious injuries in the process and learning her benefactor was a member of the half-feline Cat People. Tumulo brought Greer to her people who bestowed even greater powers upon her but turned her into the cat-like Tigra in the

prelim cover sketches
by Mike Perkins

process. Tigra would become a valued member of the Avengers' west coast branch for many years. CHRISTOS GAGE: "I will say that her origin is the same. What's interesting is that there may be some romantic sparks between her and Luke Cage. She's not a mutant, but because of her appearance, she can pass for one, so she is sort of like an undercover operative. She can go places where humans may not be able to." MIKE PERKINS: "Meeeooooww!! Slinky, feline and animalistic. Give me more Tigra to draw! [Laughs]"

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