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Unlimited Highlights: Norman Osborn

The villain giving the Avengers a hard time gets a digital retrospective of his insane career



By Ben Chabala

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This week, we’re spotlighting the one and only Norman Osborn, whose villainous subterfuge can currently be seen in both AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS.  Watch as he murders Spider-Man’s girlfriend, lays waste to the super hero community, and threatens the very foundation of society with his insanity. All in a day’s work for the original Green Goblin!


Peter Parker sits trapped, chained by nigh unbreakable steel alloy coils, as Norman Osborn assails the awesome arachnid’s ears with a long-winded villainous monologue, the origin of the Green Goblin made strikingly clear. But can Spidey keep Osborn talking long enough to hatch an escape plan? And if the webslinger does break his bonds, what chance does he stand against the technological might of his impish flying foe? Bear witness to the beginning and possibly the end of the no good Green Goblin!


Spider-Man holds the limp body of his dearly departed love Gwen Stacy in his arms as the maniacal Green Goblin soars overhead like some freakish carrion fowl. Osborn just killed the woman of Peter’s dreams and now he must pay. There’s nowhere he can hide, nowhere he can run or fly, Spider-Man will find him. Their final battle, a true clash of titans, needs to be seen to be believed, and only one of these men will walk out alive.


As time passes some things change but some things stay the same, and in this brave new post-Civil War world, Norman Osborn remains evil incarnate, a lunatic dressed up in a fancy suit. Yet despite being just one psychotic break away from transforming into his deranged emerald alter ego he gets handed the leashes of the worst villains the world has to offer. That’s right: Norman Osborn, the former Green Goblin, now leads the Thunderbolts. What’s this world coming to?


Something weird lurks in the flyspeck town of Dinosaur, Colorado. People keep disappearing and when a political bigwig’s daughter turns up missing, the Dark Avengers assemble. Little do they know that Owen Reese, the mad Molecule Man, one of the most powerful villains the world has ever known, hides in the shadows. What nasty tricks does he have planned, and with Osborn already gazing into this abyss of his own insanity, will Molecule Man push him over the edge?


Where do you put a man that started a war with the Norse pantheon? What sort of punishment could you mete out that would ever equal the pain and anguish caused by Norman Osborn? The man who committed treason on national television sits in his cell and waits for the cogs of government to decide his fate. The government wants to transfer him to someplace off the radar, but dark and evil things plot the Goblin’s escape.  After all he’s done, can the United States really afford to let Osborn live?

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Enough of plain old Norman Osborn! Bring back the actual Green Goblin!