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Thunderbolts vs Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts Sketchbook: Atlas

Artist Declan Shalvey preps the original T-Bolts to meet their modern day counterparts

By Ben Morse

This April, a clash over a decade in the making will rock the very history of the Marvel Universe when the Thunderbolts face none other than—the Thunderbolts!

The time-tossed current T-Bolts will touch down on the very day their predecessors formed the team in a three-part storyline by writer Jeff Parker and artist Declan Shalvey that kicks off April 4 in the pages of THUNDERBOLTS #172. The Fixer and Moonstone must confront their former teammates and past selves while the likes of Mister Hyde, Satana and Centurius find themselves face-to-face with Citizen V, Songbird, Atlas and more!

As we prepare for this titanic showdown, artist extraordinaire and longtime Thunderbolts fanatic Declan Shalvey has opened up his sketchbook so we can see his takes on the group founders and shared insight into his creative process.

To conclude, we take a look at Atlas, the former Power Man who set aside his villainous ways and took a deliberate but thorough path to heroism as part of the T-Bolts. While he has parted ways with the current team, adventuring on his own and recently clashing with the Avengers anew, Erik Josten remains a looming figure in Thunderbolts history.

“Another character I loved from the early issues and another costume I really wanted to draw. Really interesting design by [original THUNDERBOLTS artist Mark] Bagley; I can't think of any super hero costume quite like it. The battle that Atlas will have with a present-day T-Bolt was one of the most surprisingly entertaining ones to draw.” –Declan Shalvey

Check out the rest of Declan’s sketches:


The Fixer

Meteorite & Citizen V


Get psyched for THUNDERBOLTS #172, coming April 4!

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