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Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion: Skrull Revelations

Spoiler Warning! If you haven't read NEW AVENGERS #31, NEW AVENGERS ILLUMINATI #5, MS. MARVEL #24 or CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 yet and don't want to know who's a Skrull...well, it may be too late. But this is definitely going to be a spoilerific story as more Skrulls are unearthed. You've been warned! The Skrulls have infiltrated Earth's superhuman population and their invasion will be christened in blood. Elektra was first, but she is most definitely not the last. Who else has been replaced? What of the originals: alive, dead or worse? Follow all the action from the "Secret Invasion: The Infiltration" tie-ins all the way through 2008's event, SECRET INVASION! Need a scorecard of which characters have been replaced by insidious Skrull invaders? Keep checking this story for up-to-date Skrull revelations. Updated 2/14/08 with "Cobalt Man" and accusations of Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel.

Stabbed through the chest by Echo in NEW AVENGERS #31, upon death "Elektra" transformed back into her true Skrull form.

"Black Bolt" exposed himself as a Skrull and battled the group over the corpse of "Elektra" in NEW AVENGERS ILLUMINATI #5.

Held captive inside the Negative Zone prison since surviving Nitro's explosion in CIVIL WAR #1, "Cobalt Man" revealed himself to be a Skrull in CAPTAIN MARVEL #3.

Is Ms. Marvel the true Carol Danvers? Tony Stark doesn't think so, "outing" the Mighty Avengers team leader as a Skrull in MS. MARVEL #24.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 revealed there are Skrulls
in the Church of Hala and the Skrull "Cobalt
Man" accused Captain Marvel of being a fake.
Is he a Skrull...or something else?

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