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The Watcher

Watch The Watcher 2012 - Episode 1

Host Lorraine Cink launches the first Watcher of 2012 with AvX, The Watchlist, Amazing Fantasy Showdown and much more

Welcome back to The Watcher as host Lorraine Cink presents the first new episode of 2012!

In this action-packed installment, we've got Avengers Vs. X-Men news, the debut of The Watchlist and Amazing Fantasy Showdown, plus much much MUCH more!

The newest edition of The Watcher is here--watch it now!

The Watcher is Marvel.com's official news and comedy video series covering comics, movies, TV, games, gear and all things Marvel. Tune in most Fridays for new episodes.

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magneto vs ironman, people think magneto automatically wins


Cap would destroy Summers so a Cap and Wolverine would be more suitable. Also the intelligent Beast vs the Wakanda intelligence in Black Panther. Finally the best of the trickster or carney folk if you would, the card shark Gambit vs the trick shot bullseye hitting Hawkeye. These would be great, but I have faith that Marvel will delivery on this highly anticipated war.


Wolverine vs. Cap, Magneto vs. Ironman.


psylocke vs ironfist, kitty vs vision, magik vs dr strange