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Age of Apocalypse

Unlimited Highlights: Age of Apocalypse

Prepare for the upcoming ongoing series with a look back at this history of this hellish alternate world

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

With the new AGE OF APOCALYPSE ongoing series just around the corner on March 7, this week we decided to fill you in on one of Marvel’s most awesome alternate timelines.  Here Apocalypse rules with an iron fist, Magneto leads the X-Men, and humans may be about to go extinct. It’s an absolutely wild ride so what are you waiting for? Get reading!


Bishop wanders a broken world where once gleaming cities now languish in death and decay. Here Magneto leads a ragged band of X-Men against a maniacal murderer obsessed with natural selection. Here mutant soldiers hunt flat scan humans for sport.  Here hope has gone extinct and only the strong survive. Welcome to the Age of Apocalypse, Bishop, we hope you enjoy your stay!


Apocalypse shattered the world in his mad grab for power, leaving Magneto and the X-Men to pick up the pieces. The Master of Magnetism’s motley collection of mutant freedom fighters discover that the High Lord has started culling the humans again, decimating their numbers and transforming them into raw genetic stock for his Infinite soldiers. The X-Men intend to stop this holocaust and save their brethren, but will everyone make it out alive?


Colossus and Kitty Pryde train young mutants for Magneto’s resistance, instructing them about their powers, teaching them how to kill and survive in Apocalypse’s nightmare.  Far away from classrooms, desks, and homework, if Chamber, Husk, Mondo, Skin, and the rest of Generation Next want to survive until graduation they need to outsmart their own teachers and bring the pain!


The Age of Apocalypse begins to unravel as Apocalypse and Magneto clash for the final time. All the players make their moves, all their pieces in place. The M’Krann Crystal holds the key to altering the past and the X-Men will do anything to change their future.  Heroes will die, villains will flee, but you can bet that when it comes down to the Master of Magnetism and En Sabah Nur, only one of them will live to see a new tomorrow. 


The story continues! Magneto and the X-Men dethroned Apocalypse and rescued the future, but what happens now? The heroes hunt those villains that made Apocalypse’s rule a reality, cleaning up the trash that holds to the dread ruler’s old ways.  But they need a tracker, someone who can find monsters like Mister Sinister. They need Weapon X, but he ain’t feeling too charitable these days. Maybe his daughter can convince him otherwise?

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