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Ends of the Earth: Doctor Octopus

Dan Slott cuts to the dark heart of the Sinister Six and enlightens us on the dying wish of a villain

By Ben Morse

The Sinister Six has returned like never before, and beginning with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682—on sale March 21—they will threaten not just the wondrous wallcrawler, but the entire Marvel Universe in Ends of the Earth.

As Spider-Man prepares to face his greatest foes with the stakes raised to a whole new level, we enlisted writer Dan Slott to take us on a guided tour though this rogues gallery, outlining their powers and motivation as well as pointing to his favorite stories detailing their depravity.

Over the course of the past year, Doctor Octopus has pitted his brain power against the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe, from Tony Stark to Hank Pym to Reed Richards, and he has triumphed in each case. And yet despite these victories, in contrast to his eternal enemy, Spider-Man, Doc Ock has never been worse off, thanks to catastrophic cerebral injuries sustained through years of battling the webslinger and others.

“Right now things are going really well for Peter Parker,” notes Dan Slott. “He’s got everything to live for.

“Otto Octavius, on the other hand, has nothing left to lose. Doctor Octopus has never been more determined, focused, or motivated to pull off one of his schemes. He’s got the ultimate super villain bucket list and it only has two words on it: The. World.”

To this end, Ock has enlisted others with a vendetta against Spider-Man to form perhaps the most potent Sinister Six grouping of all-time. Electro, The Sandman, Mysterio, Rhino and The Chameleon supplement Octavius’ already prodigious limbs, providing him with even more hands to execute his masterstroke.

“Doc Ock is the master planner,” Slott says. “This is his show, his grand finale, and he is calling the shots.”

While Doctor Octopus’ ambition in Ends of the Earth engulf far beyond his traditionally modest aims, the personal feud between Spider-Man and one of his most tenacious enemies has cost Peter Parker on a profoundly personal level in the past, including in one tale that shaped Slott’s view of the villain.

“My favorite Doc Ock story has to be AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #88, #89 [and] #90,” shares the writer. “That was the one where during a Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus battle, Captain George Stacy gave his life to save an innocent bystander. As a little kid I bought that off the rack in the Spidey reprint book, MARVEL TALES, and it really hit home. It’s one of the only times I’ve cried reading a comic. To be fair, I was nine at the time.

“Oh who am I kidding? That story by Stan Lee, Gil Kane and John Romita Sr. would bring me to tears at any age.”

Stay tuned every day this week for more from Dan Slott on the Sinister Six as we get set for Ends of the Earth, beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682 on March 21!

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This ARC is very interesting, I would like to have it already in my hands also that well Dan Slott is a big fan of Spider-Man could be a story Marvel classic, I see this potential