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Ends of the Earth: Electro

Dan Slott sparks the Sinister Six and discusses the potential of perhaps their most powerful member

By Ben Morse

The Sinister Six has returned like never before, and beginning with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682—on sale March 21—they will threaten not just the wondrous wallcrawler, but the entire Marvel Universe in Ends of the Earth. 

As Spider-Man prepares to face his greatest foes with the stakes raised to a whole new level, we enlisted writer Dan Slott to take us on a guided tour though this rogues gallery, outlining their powers and motivation as well as pointing to his favorite stories detailing their depravity.

The Sinister Six represents the most varied and overwhelming challenge that has ever been thrown at Spider-Man. Together, they possess brute strength, devious cunning and the ability to strike from just about any direction. However while this sextet may be unstoppable, in Dan Slott’s eyes, one member could give just about any hero a run for it even going solo.

“Ever since his upgrade during Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta’s Gauntlet story, Electro is operating on a sheer power level that’s far greater than any of the Spider-Man rogues,” he asserts. “He’s gone from being an electrician, to an electrically-powered super villain, to living electricity. How can you possibly stop that?”

Spider-Man will certainly be hard-pressed to answer that question when he squares off against Max Dillon in the near future. Even more unfortunately for Spidey, Electro won’t be alone, allowing the current conducting criminal even more space to operate.

“Electro is the most versatile member of [the Sinister Six],” says Slott. “He’s able to zap himself into any building or secure area. He’s practically untouchable, but one touch from him and you could be dead. On top of all that, he is literally lightning-fast.”

While Electro may not be considered by some to be an A-list Marvel villain—yet—he has given a certain webslinger all he can handle on some occasions, and a bit more on others. Slott recalls the story that introduced him to comics featured anything but a clean win for the wallcrawler over his shocking sparring partner.

“The first comic I ever bought, MARVEL TALES #63 [reprinting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #82], was one where Spider-Man went up against Electro,” remembers the writer. “When he found out that Spidey was going to appear on a late night TV show, Electro went straight to the Bugle and made Jonah an offer. If Jameson paid him he'd show up during the live broadcast and humiliate Spider-Man on national television.

“The amazing thing about the story was that even though Spidey defeated Electro, Electro still got his licks in, destroyed Spider-Man's last remaining costume, and escaped at the last minute.  In my mind that was a win for Electro. He did everything he wanted to do and he got away. Since that was my first Spider-Man comic, that always left me with this feeling that, unlike Batman or Superman, Spider-Man could lose! And that had me worrying for him in every single story.”

Stay tuned every day this week for more from Dan Slott on the Sinister Six as we get set for Ends of the Earth, beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682 on March 21!

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