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Ends of the Earth: Chameleon

Dan Slott explains why the Sinister Six will have the element of surprise against Spider-Man

By Ben Morse

The Sinister Six has returned like never before, and beginning with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682—on sale March 21—they will threaten not just the wondrous wallcrawler, but the entire Marvel Universe in Ends of the Earth.

As Spider-Man prepares to face his greatest foes with the stakes raised to a whole new level, we enlisted writer Dan Slott to take us on a guided tour though this rogues gallery, outlining their powers and motivation as well as pointing to his favorite stories detailing their depravity.

For the Sinister Six, the name of the game when going up against their hated archnemesis Spider-Man is to keep the wallcrawler on his toes by presenting a variety of assorted threats, mental as well as physical. Past incarnations have lacked an operative who could really get inside the personal life of their foe, but that has changed with the addition of The Chameleon to their evil ranks.

“The Chameleon is the first ever super villain to face off against Spider-Man,” reminds Dan Slott. “He’s held his own all these years with only spy skills, acting talent, and mastery of disguise. That right there is very impressive.”

Developing his knack for impersonation as an intelligence operative for the Soviet Union, the man who answers solely to

“Chameleon” has stepped up his game even further of late, immersing himself deeper and deeper into the “roles” he chooses to play.

“We’ve seen him as Steve Rogers breaking into John Jameson’s Air Force Base, as Klaw hiding amongst the Intelligencia, and wait until you see who he’s disguised as during Ends of the Earth,” Slott says, listing the villain’s recent call sheet. “The Chameleon is the infiltrator. [He is] the sudden inside man that you never realized was there until it was too late.”

While Slott promises Spidey will have plenty of reason to watch out for The Chameleon in the months to come, the writer also recalls a time when the treacherous con man fared not so well against another hero.

“My favorite Chameleon appearance was in DAREDEVIL #134,” he shares. “Throughout the entire issue, despite what disguise Chameleon was wearing, Daredevil could hear [his] specific heartbeat, and because of that beat the snot out of him every single time.”

Very soon, Spider-Man will be wishing for his buddy’s radar sense.

Stay tuned every day this week for more from Dan Slott on the Sinister Six as we get set for Ends of the Earth, beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682 on March 21!

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