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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Doctor Strange

We look back on classic comics starring the Master of the Mystic Arts

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week, Doctor Strange takes the stage with his spotlight turn in DEFENDERS #4, hitting store shelves this week. Contained within these sensational stories the Sorcerer Supreme plays baseball with demons, takes on evil doomsday machines, and so much more.  What are you waiting for? Get reading!


If you could meet his price, Stephen Strange could save your life.  Brash and arrogant, Dr. Strange the world famous surgeon cared little for anything besides money. Then a car accident damaged the nerves in his hands and everything changed.  He travelled the world searching for a cure and stumbled upon a mystical world of magic, where the forces of light duel endlessly with the ancient armies of darkness.  Where the tale of Dr. Stephen Strange M.D. ends, the journey of Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, begins!


Yandroth, one of Doctor Strange’s most ardent enemies, has returned to Earth and now calls to his foe. With his last breath, the evil “Scientist Supreme” reveals his plot to destroy the planet: an unholy combination of science and sorcery that will detonate the world’s nuclear payload five hours after his death. Strange knows his magic alone will not be enough to stop Yandroth’s doomsday device, so he recruits Namor and the Hulk to help him save the world, marking the first teaming of the group that would later become the Defenders!


Asmodeus and the Sons of Satannish have banished Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme to a different and deadly plane of reality. They seek to claim the Book of the Vishanti as their own while the good doctor fights for his life worlds away. Asmodeus uses Stephen’s own face to beguile the Ancient One into handing over the sacred tome, barring Doctor Strange from reentering our world unless he takes another visage. Thus the Master of the Mystic Arts adopts a bold new form, one that crackles with azure eldritch energies!  Watch out evil, here comes an all-new Doctor Strange!


To save his assistant Wong from an aggressive brain tumor, Stephen Strange would do anything; even peel back the veils of reality and insanity to battle a demon that might possibly know of a cure. After the extra-dimensional dust settles and his foe lies defeated, Strange realizes that he holds in his hands the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, interested parties abound, all eager to get their hands on the amazing elixir—and some don’t play nice. Now unless Night Nurse can safely remove a deadly silver projectile from her latest patient, Earth will be out a Sorcerer Supreme!

STRANGE #1 (2009)

Fell forces from beyond space and time threaten to destroy the Portland Loggers baseball club. Sounds crazy right? Unfortunately, 30 years ago the original team promised their souls and silence for a winning record, and now Tul’luth has come to collect. The fans watch an exciting game from the safety of the stands, but if they could see with eyes unclouded, they would notice demons throwing strikes and destroying their favorite players. No angels in the outfield here, and unless Doctor Strange can pinch hit in the 9th and bring at least two runners home, the Loggers, their fans, and the stadium belong to Tul’luth!

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Thank you, thank you for giving us the digitized versions of the Dr. Strange classics.  I predict these are going to gain in popularity big time as we approach the filming and release date of the Dr. Strange motion picture in 2016.  Might even get some new converts since Benedict Cumberbatch is extremely popular right now.  I for one can't wait for the film being both a Dr. Strange fan and a Benedict Cumberbatch fan.  Thanks again for those old issues.  Give us more if you've got em.

Diomedes92 member

Yes, classic Defenders, I second that motion.

sintrapt19 member

The Strange limited series only have the first issue digitized and there are not many classic Defenders stories digitized.


It would be nice if we got the full issues of titles like Strange Tales. Both the Doctor Strange and Human Torch stories. Or the Doctor Strange and Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Please, please, please, digitize more of the classic Dr. Strange and Defenders comics!