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WonderCon 2012

WonderCon 2012: Amazing Spider-Man

Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli pit Spidey against The Lizard in No Going Back

By Jim Beard

The next major AMAZING SPIDER-MAN storyline following the current “Ends of the Earth,” “No Going Back,” will spotlight a battle between the wall-crawler and The Lizard, stars of this summer’s big-screen “Amazing Spider-Man” feature film. Written by Dan Slott and with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, the story, out this June, will also feature variant covers by J. Scott Campbell, Shane Davis, Matt Clark and Adam Kubert.

Amazing Spider-Man #688 pencil art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

“We've had funny stories, crime stories, team-up stories, summer blockbuster stories, personal stories—this time, we're going for horror,” reports Slott. “This summer we're giving you a chiller; we're going from wall-crawling to skin crawling.”

The writer intends to weave that horror into “No Going Back” by using The Lizard to his fullest potential and building upon previous developments with the character by Zeb Wells.

“In Zeb's “Shed” [story], The Lizard won his inner-battle against Curt Connors,” Slott reminds readers. “Curt Connors is dead. Curt Connors is no more. The Lizard is all that remains. When The Lizard killed Curt's son, Billy, there was nothing more for Curt Connors to lose. It's all gone. He's lost his wife, his son, his humanity, his soul. From that moment, there was ‘no going back.’ Or is there?

“The Lizard is a vile, despicable creature that killed a child—someone Spidey cared about. This is a monster that should not be allowed to run free. This needs to be dealt with. And maybe, just maybe, despite Peter Parker's personal vow that ‘No One Dies,’ maybe this is a creature that needs to be put down.”

Spidey will be coming off “Ends of the Earth” and into “No Going Back” with some baggage, a situation that impacts his outlook towards The Lizard, one of his oldest foes.

“Without spoiling things, after a major development in ‘Ends of the Earth,’ Spider-Man is going to be acting very differently,” says Slott. “So when ‘No Going Back’ starts, Spidey's priorities have changed. Spider-Island was about trying to save New York. ‘Ends of the Earth’ is about trying to save the world. ‘No Going Back’ will be about characters trying to save themselves.

Amazing Spider-Man #688 pencil art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

“Lives are at risk. Ethics are at risk. Character's humanity is at risk. And the stakes are high for everyone. And if you want to know more you gotta read the book!”

Morbius the Living Vampire also figures prominently in “No Going Back.” His appearance stems from his helping Reed Richards mass produce the mimetic solution that saved the day in Spider-Island.

“As we've seen in this year's Point One issue, Morbius has been working on that serum as a way to turn himself back into a human being,” Slott notes. “And we know that he'd like to use The Lizard as a test subject. Morbius thinks if he can use this to change The Lizard back into Curt Connors, maybe he'll have enough data to find his own cure.”

In all, “No Going Back” arrives at an opportune time in Spider-Man history, coinciding with a major motion picture sure to whet the appetite for more web-slinger-Lizard throw-downs.

“One of the things we're very proud of in the Spider-Man office is that our book is very accessible to new readers,” says Slott. “Even in the middle of story lines like Spider-Island you can jump in and we do a darn good job of bringing you up to speed. And that holds true with ‘No Going Back.’ If someone walks out of the theater and they've got a hunger for more Spidey they can hop right on to this story and we'll keep the excitement rolling!

“With all this Spider-Man/Lizard awareness that'll be going on this summer, selfishly speaking, I will never have a better time in my Spider-Man writing career than now. This is when I've got the best chance to roll up my sleeves and tell the best Spider-Man/Lizard story I can. That's a fun challenge to have!”

Amazing Spider-Man #688 pencil art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Joining Slott in that particular challenge, artist Giuseppe Camuncoli also finds himself in a position to impress readers and interested parties with his unique storytelling abilities.

“Giuseppe is great at bringing a dark edge to Spider-Man's world,” points out Slott.  “There's lots of action in this story, and Cammo nails it—it's exciting! There's lots of drama and Cammo makes you feel it!

“But more than any story we've told during the Big Time run, this is the darkest one.  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is a T/T+ rated book. And we're gonna see how far we can push that.”

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You can also check out the latest news, photos and more at our official WonderCon hub page!

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