Avengers VS X-Men

Unlimited Highlights: Road to AvX - Avengers

See how Iron Man, Captain America and company got to the precipice of war once again!



By Ben Chabala

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This week, to prepare you for AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1—coming Wednesday, April 4 to your comic retailer and the Marvel Comics app—Unlimited Highlights wants to bring you up to speed on all the events that led us to this moments from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ perspective. Watch the super hero community tear itself apart in Civil War, witness Captain America’s return from the dead, be there when Asgard falls, and much more.


During a battle between the New Warriors and a deadly group of super villains, a massive explosion kills over 600 people. Now the United States government wants to force super heroes to register their identities and powers, effectively transforming them into federal agents. Iron Man supports the registration act, but Captain America does not, and suddenly there’s a line in the sand. The heroic community stands divided and the sounds of war can be heard on the horizon.


After spending months trapped in the time stream reliving his worst nightmares and most bloody battles, Captain America finally pulls himself back to the present day—but if Cap expected a happy homecoming, he’s about to be disappointed. Washington D.C. crumbles under the Red Skull’s advancing army and unless Steve Rogers jumps back into the fray, all may be lost!


Asgard has fallen, smashed to rubble by Norman Osborn and his super villain soldiers. As if that weren’t enough for the Avengers to deal with, someone has unleashed The Void, and now Sentry’s black beast walks the waking world, threatening to lay waste to all it sees unless our heroes deal with the threat—permanently. But can the Avengers actually kill one of their own?

AVENGERS #1 (2010)

In the wake of Osborn’s Dark Reign and Asgard’s fall, a Heroic Age brings the world a glimmer of hope. Steve Rogers forms a whole new group of Avengers operating with complete transparency. No hidden ploys, no deep dark secrets, just good people saving the world.  Then Kang the Conqueror shows up, and when the time jumping terrorist appears right smack dab in the middle of Avengers Tower, the new team must assemble for the very first time!


Allow yourself a moment to reflect on the immense amount of Asgardian energies contained within Thor’s awesome hammer. Now imagine that someone—say the Norse god of fear—crafted seven similar hammers and gave them to some of the most dangerous beings on the planet. Bad news for the world right? The Serpent, Odin’s brother, wants Earth for his own, and his heralds, the hammer-wielding Worthy, mean to bring terror to humanity and its heroes!

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