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Digital Comics Revolution

Marvel takes comics to the next level with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Welcome to the new Marvel Age of Comics. Just as Marvel revolutionized comics over four decades ago with the creation of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the X-Men and countless others, the company that sets the trend has done it again with the launch of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Marvel has put the power in the hands of the fans by making thousands of comics-ranging from Golden Age classics to the most recent Marvel masterpieces-available online, including the first 100 issues of FANTASTIC FOUR and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN plus so much more. And don't worry, no additional software is needed to view Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited's full library. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection; you can view Marvel Digital Comics anytime, anywhere! Each issue has been reproduced directly from the original files used to make the comics, but with none of the ads to interrupt your reading enjoyment. Still have questions on how it works? Check out our video tutorial!
Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited also comes with FAQs and tutorials to help you maneuver your way around. Plus, enjoy several specialized Fan Favorites categories to help you plan your journey into Marvel history, including... -GREATEST VILLAINS: Dr. Doom, Magneto, the Kingpin and more shine with the spotlight placed on their most dastardly schemes and groundbreaking stories. -SPIDEY'S GREATEST BATTLES: Relive Spider-Man's most memorable struggles as the Webslinger takes on the Green Goblin, the Sinister Six and more of his fiercest foes. -HULK INCARNATIONS: From gray to green and back again (and again), follow the Incredible Hulk through his various stages, featuring classic tales by Peter David, Jeph Loeb and more. -MONUMENTAL TALES: Travel back in time to the biggest events in Marvel history, from Secret Wars to the Infinity Gauntlet to House of M and beyond. -MILLER'S MILESTONES: Find out why people still talk about Frank Miller's epic run on Daredevil 20 years later by experiencing this classic period in the life of the Man Without Fear. -WOLVERINE'S GREATEST BATTLES: The most dangerous X-Man of them all throws down with his nastiest rivals, including Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and even the Hulk! -CLAREMONT'S CLASSICS: Legendary writer Chris Claremont reinvented the X-Men into comics' most popular franchise and now you can be there from the beginning to experience the rise of Marvel's mighty mutants, plus other seminal stories by the super scribe. -MARVEL CLASSIC NO. 1'S: From FANTASTIC FOUR to ASTONISHING X-MEN, get on the ground floor with the seminal issues that started it all! That's just a small taste of the all you can eat buffet of comic book goodness you'll get at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. If you're still not convinced, head to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited right now where you can sample 250 comics for free! After that, you can sign up for a monthly subscription as low as $4.99 a month (based on the annual subscription rate)-for all the comics you can read! And with new comics introduced to the collection every week, you'll never run out of awesome comics to read! So what are you waiting for? Join Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited today and be a part of the new comic book revolution: Make Mine Marvel... Digital!



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