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Jean Grey School Livetweet with Wolverine

The headmaster will be leading class this week for Fighting without Fighting!

You will not want to miss this week's livetweeted class from the Jean Grey School--seriously, it would be a terrible idea--as Headmaster Wolverine himself joins the proceedings for the very first time to lead a lecture on "Fighting without Fighting." Class begins at 2 PM EST on Wednesday, April 4 and you'll also want to follow along in your textbooks with WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #8.

To join in on the education, sign up to the Jean Grey School members list on Twitter and also individually follow @JeanGreySchool, JGSHeadmistress@, @IceIceBobby, @AngelMetalWings, @_Broodling_, @GenesisHero, @idie_okonkwo, @KidGladiator1 and @QQuire.

Be set to learn at 2 PM EST on Wednesday, April 4 or risk the wrath of Headmaster Wolverine!

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