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Avengers Re-Imagined

Avengers Re-Imagined: The Punisher & Misty Knight

In the world of House of M, the Avengers have enemies on the right side of the law, courtesy of Misty Knight and Frank Castle

By Ben Morse

AVENGERS #3 cover
by Mike Perkins

In the world we know, the name "Avenger" comes with a certain amount of distinction. It labels one as a member of an elite fraternity also called "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and represents the apex of what a champion for good can achieve. Beginning next Wednesday, November 14, writer Christos Gage and artist Mike Perkins, the creative team behind last year's UNION JACK mini-series, reunite for a return to the alternate reality ruled by mutants introduced in 2005's landmark "House of M" event. The five-issue HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS will explore what it means to be an Avenger in a very different kind of world. For the next week leading into the debut of HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS, each day Marvel.com will spotlight two of the book's cast of familiar but changed faces with Gage and Perkins exploring the journey they took to re-imagine these classic Marvel characters. We wrap up our look at the players in this unfolding drama by focusing on the duo charged with bringing the Avengers to "justice"—the Punisher and Misty Knight. In a place where everything we know has changed, one thing remains the same: the world still needs Avengers. THE PUNISHER

AVENGERS #3 cover
concept sketches
by Mike Perkins

IN OUR WORLD: Decorated Vietnam veteran Frank Castle returned to an idyllic life in New York with his wife and children only to have his world violently shattered when mafia hitmen killed his family before his eyes. Vowing revenge on criminals everywhere, Castle emblazoned a skull across his chest, stocked up an armory and became the vigilante known as the Punisher. Operating outside the law, the Punisher has become organized crime's worst nightmare, and run afoul of many of the Marvel Universe's finest heroes along the way. CHRISTOS GAGE: "One of the interesting conceits of the House of M was that characters from the Marvel Universe would get their fondest wish but there would be a price to pay. The Punisher's fondest wish came true, which is that in this world he saved his family. The downside is that a man with a family has something you can threaten to make him do what you want.

AVENGERS #4 cover
by Mike Perkins

The Punisher is brought onboard by the Brotherhood, the mutant-run F.B.I. task force that is out to take down Luke Cage's organization. He's sort of the token human on the team. Once [Frank] has some reservations about the brutality of his teammates and thinks about leaving, they threaten his family to make him have second thoughts. He has a choice to make as far as standing up for what's right. In the regular Marvel Universe, [the Punisher] has no ties. He can do what he wants. This Punisher has to worry about the consequences for his family if he steps out of line." MIKE PERKINS: "This guy's a shark. Got slightly more emotion in those eyes than in the normal Marvel Universe, but he's still one cold fish." MISTY KNIGHT

Misty Knight in

IN OUR WORLD: A decorated member of the N.Y.P.D., Misty Knight's career as a cop came to an abrupt end when she lost her right arm thwarting a bomb attack. Receiving a new bionic appendage courtesy of Tony Stark—aka Iron Man—Misty and old friend Colleen Wing set up a private detective agency called Nightwing Restorations Ltd. The duo ended up working a working relationship with Iron Fist and Power Man, the Heroes For Hire, and Misty wound up becoming romantically involved with Iron Fist. Though Iron Fist and Misty later split, the four compatriots remained good friends and Misty currently leads a new incarnation of Heroes For Hire with Colleen as a charter member.

AVENGERS #3 black
and white cover
by Mike Perkins

CHRISTOS GAGE: "She is still a cop, working under Captain George Stacey, Spider-Man's father-in-law. He's being forced to take early retirement, which he doesn't mind, but he is worried about younger human officers. He wants to show that a human cop can be just as effective as a mutant cop, so he assigns Misty to infiltrate and take down Luke Cage's organization." MIKE PERKINS: "This girl's just plain kickass—robotic arm, righteous afro and an attitude to match." Thanks for checking out Avengers: Re-Imagined and be sure to pick up HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS, on sale now!

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