Avengers VS X-Men

Unlimited Highlights: Road to AvX - X-Men

Decimation, the debut of Hope Summers and other key moments leading to the biggest event in comics!



By Ben Morse

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The war has begun in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1, now available at your local retailer and on the Marvel Comics app. Last week we examined the events that brought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to this crossroads, now it’s the Children of the Atom’s turn in the spotlight, as we recall the culling of the mutant race, Hope’s birth and return, conflict with a different shade of Avengers and more.


The Scarlet Witch has declared “no more mutants,” and suddenly the population of an entire race has been reduced to fewer than 200. Bear witness to a new world order for the Marvel Universe as the X-Men and all their allies face the fallout from House of M. The Xavier Institute has fallen into chaos, with students and faculty alike facing a future without the mutant abilities that define them. Familiar characters from The Blob to Chamber to Iceman face an uncertain future and the X-Men must confront a challenge the likes of which they have never even imagined: extinction.


The first new mutant since M Day has been born and the race to claim her begins here! The X-Men hope to preserve the future of mutantkind, but the Marauders, Purifiers and more all have their own agendas. Can the combined forces of X-Factor, the New X-Men and the X-Men stand against Mister Sinister, Mystique, Predator X and more with their survival on the line? The epic that ended one chapter in the Children of the Atom’s history and set the table for a new status quo begins here!


Norman Osborn has risen to near absolute power in the Marvel Universe, but despite forming his own Avengers team and disgracing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he has still not been able to bring one group of potentially powerful enemies under his thumb: the X-Men. The final battle between the Dark Avengers and the standard bearers of the mutant race will be staged on the shores of San Francisco, and before the final shot has been fired, Cyclops will make a move that alters the course of the Marvel Universe forever!


Hope Summers has returned to the present day—will she be the mutant messiah or a destroyer? Bastion doesn’t want her to have the chance to find out, and even with Cable doing his best to play bodyguard, the X-Men and X-Force better hurry if they want to preserve their would-be savior. The story that began in Messiah Complex reaches its cataclysmic conclusion here as sacrifices will be made and relationships will be broken in the name of the future!


Hope’s not the only new arrival on Utopia, as Magneto, Namor and others form the most impressive and volatile X-Men line-up of all-time. What plans does Cyclops have now that his kingdom has come together? How do veterans such as Wolverine, Storm and Beast fit into the equation? And after months of silence, why has Cerebra fired to life once more?

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