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Spider-Men Comic Shop Variant

Find out how your local comic shop can get a customized Mark Bagley cover for Spider-Men #1!

Marvel brought comic stores around the world into Spider-Island and made them part of X-Sanction, and now will once again offer an unprecedented opportunity for unforgettable experiences as part of an historic event with the SPIDER-MEN #1 Comic Shop Variant cover by the great Mark Bagley!

The SPIDER-MEN #1 Comics Shop Variant cover will be customized to feature photos of participating stores and/or store logos on the front as well as a personalized ad with contact information on the back. All information for how retailers can participate in this landmark promotion can be found via Diamond.

You won’t want to miss the universes-shattering adventure when Peter Parker meets Miles Morales and you won’t want your local comic book retailer to pass up a chance to be part of the excitement! Tell your retailer to order the SPIDER-MEN #1 Comics Shop Variant today!

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i hope 616 spidey gives miles webshooters..