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Spider-Men: The Inside Story

Editors Mark Paniccia and Sana Amanat explain how the historic meeting between Peter Parker and Miles Morales came about!

By Ben Morse

It’s only natural to get together with friends on the occasion of a birthday, but Peter Parker will be greeted by the most unexpected party guest of all when Marvel celebrates 50 years of Spider-Man: Miles Morales!

Indeed the wallcrawlers of the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe respectively will finally meet in SPIDER-MEN, a five-part limited series by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli kicking off June 13, and a milestone for the original webslinger proved the impetus for this historic event.

“For years now, the world’s greatest writers have been pushing for characters from the Ultimate Universe and the Marvel Universe to meet, and there’s been some pretty tempting pitches,” shares Senior Editor Mark Paniccia. “Looking at the big anniversaries we had coming up in 2012, [Marvel Chief Creative Officer] Joe Quesada suggested one huge way to celebrate 50 years of Spidey was to do the ultimate—no pun intended—Marvel team-up.”

Miles Morales, the star of ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN, has dedicated himself to filling the void left by the Peter Parker of his world, who perished in battle to save his family and friends. Meeting up with another version of his predecessor will mark a monumental turning point in the journey of the young hero.

“Peter Parker is Miles’ hero,” states associate editor Sana Amanat. “[A version of Peter Parker] is the reason Miles has taken up the Spider-Man mantle, so it will be interesting to see what Peter can teach him. Peter will also see the impact of the Spider-Man legacy and the influence it can have. Ultimately these characters will really help inspire and empower one another.”

Bendis and Pichelli, who co-created Miles Morales, stood out as the natural and appropriate choice to chart this landmark in his life.

“This would be Miles’ first big story, so we needed the original [ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN] creative team to give it some authenticity,” Amanat says. “Also, who wouldn’t want to see more Pichelli pages?”

SPIDER-MEN will feature the Ultimate Universe incarnations of Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, a guest appearance from the Ultimates, and some surprising villains from both sides of the divide. But in the end, the focus will remain on Peter, Miles, and what this meeting means to both.

“Miles gets to meet his hero and Peter confronts a world where he’s been killed and another Spider-Man has taken his place.” shares Amanat. “You can’t deny the long term affect that will have on both characters.”

“And if you think everything is going to be put nice and tidily back in the toy box, think again,” Paniccia adds.

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Would have been really cool if the brought back ultimate spider-man, or even if they introduced a 616 miles, this however sounds boring.




Until they bring back Ultimate Peter, count me out.


i find this kind of bogus with all that was said before about the two universes never crossing over. but then again taking marvel at their word is a pretty risky thing to begin with... also leave ultimate peter parker dead. its a good refereshing take on it all with him utterly out of the picture and the rest of the ultimate universe in such a different place than it was not too long ago...


They said it was never going to happen. A promise well kept.


You know what would have been really nice? Bringing back Ultimate Peter Parker.