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C2E2 2012

C2E2 2012: Wolverine

Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi discuss bringing back Sabretooth, the secrets of Romulus and more!

By Ben Morse

In 2007, Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi teamed up for the memorable “Evolution” saga in the pages of WOLVERINE, in the process revealing secrets of Logan’s past, introducing the enigmatic Romulus and, most significantly, having the feral mutant dispatch his deadliest and most hated foe, Sabretooth, in permanent fashion.

Now, Sabretooth has found his way back to the land of the living, and along with Wolverine, Loeb and Bianchi wait to complete their story.

“We never intended to leave our bed unmade,” says Loeb. “‘Evolution’ was only half the story. Talented people like Daniel Way continued to explore what happened to Romulus and Wild Child and all of that was shared with us as it went along. So our story will pick up where we left off and at the same time incorporate what has happened.”

“Sabretooth Reborn” begins in July with WOLVERINE #310, and Bianchi relishes the opportunity to revisit this pivotal saga with his friend and collaborator.

“It’s very, very exciting,” the artist says. “When this came on the table, I didn’t hesitate for a single instant. I cannot praise [Loeb] as a writer and a human being enough, so the more I work with him, the more I appreciate his writing and kindness and affection with me personally and with my work.”

Loeb has had Victor Creed’s possible resurrection in mind since the moment of his demise in “Evolution,” and promises the tale will provide an in-depth exploration of the character and how his experiences have altered him.

“We are very open about where he’s been and how his death affected him,” shares the writer. “The door back was always there [and] we actually use the scene where Wolverine had it figured out from ‘Evolution.’ But how and why—that would be telling.

“[Sabretooth] is the dark side, the road not taken. Everything that Wolverine has learned through the years has changed Logan—not so with Victor. There [have] been some changes, but basically, he’s just a mean [expletive.]”

Also making his way back into Wolverine’s life with this story will be Romulus, the mysterious manipulation who has been pulling both Logan and Sabretooth’s strings for years. While the character made appearances in shadow during “Evolution,” this will be Loeb and Bianchi’s first opportunity to fully depict him following his later debut in Daniel Way’s WOLVERINE: ORIGINS.

“We want to clear some things up from ‘Evolution,’” explains Loeb. “All I can say is that if you went to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and Darth Vader said—spoiler alert—‘Luke, I am your father,’ and you left the theater, you had to take Vader’s word for it. If [‘Return of the Jedi’] had been different, everything Vader said could’ve been a lie. Could’ve!”

“Drawing Romulus himself, the very first character I created from scratch for [Marvel], is thrilling,” notes Bianchi.

The artist also looks forward to introducing a new character and revisiting some old friends in Cloak and Dagger.

“The last time we saw Romulus in WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, he was tossed into the Dark Dimension by Cloak,” reminds Loeb. “Simone draws a badass Cloak!”

Indeed perhaps the most thrilling part of “Sabretooth Reborn” for Loeb will be getting to see Bianchi once again bring his words to life.

“I try my best to tell the story the artist wants to draw,” Loeb says. “Simone is my friend and my partner; we’ve talked about this story for years and he’s had time to think about how to present. It’s pretty wild what he’s creating. Just awesome.”

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