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C2E2 2012

C2E2 2012: Mighty Thor/Journey Into Mystery

Loki and Thor face their reckoning as Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen prepare for a climactic crossover event!

By Tim Stevens           

All things can be consumed by flame—even the divine.

Beginning in August and stretching through October, THE MIGHTY THOR #18-22 and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #642-645 will demonstrate that truism in the powerful event “Everything Burns.”

The arc represents the culmination of themes building from the very beginning of both series.

“We knew from day one we were heading here,” MIGHTY THOR writer Matt Fraction declares. “Not always necessarily how we were getting here, but we knew the fires were coming.”

“In my early JOURNEY interviews pre-release, I talked about a long term plan for both books which would lead to a collision,” JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY writer Kieron Gillen affirms, “We always knew we'd be coming together at some point.

“I always said I knew that I knew the final image of my whole story at the start. This is a key part of it, and something that I've been working towards since I first put pen to paper. Or rather finger to keyboard.”

Aiding the creators to ensure the long simmering plans could reach full boil, editor Lauren Sankovitch has been very pleased with the duo’s collaborative spirit.

“As luck would have it, Matt and Kieron came into this event having a wealth of previous collaboration experience as well which, coupled with their enthusiasm for each other’s work, has made the whole process fairly smooth and, at times, utterly hilarious,” she discloses.

Unfortunately for the denizens of both books, the devastation of the storyline stands in stark contrast to the fun had in making it. At the story’s opening, an old enemy returns with designs on decimating the nine realms and the threat leaves no one untouched.

“It’s an epic,” Gillen says, explaining who will take on a prominent role in the story. “Thor and Loki are the heart of it all, but everyone else is the circulatory system around them, pumped full of fiery blood, ready to explode. Any significant player in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY at least has a moment, and several are absolutely key.”

“Everyone,” Fraction confirms, simply. “Everyone.”

For the two brothers at the center of the story, the horror could not come at a worse time.

“Loki and Thor are as close as they've been at the start,” Gillen points out. “Of course, Thor doesn't know a lot of what Loki's been up to.”

“This story is about asking the question ‘What can break the bonds of brotherhood?’” Fraction asserts. “How long can Thor stand at Loki's side? How many angles can Loki play at once? What Thor and Loki share is inconceivable to everyone but themselves. So whatever breaks it would have to be beyond comprehension, right?”

The two writers are understandably closemouthed with many details, wanting readers to have the pleasure of being surprised as the story unfolds. However, their passion proves overwhelming enough that even they cannot help but speak out a bit:

“It's an Epic,” Gillen enthuses. “It's a once-in-a-career chance to tell an Asgardian story with this kind of scale. Let's keep it basic: this is the most important story for Loki I've ever [written]. And hopefully the best.”

“Birds on fire,” Fraction teases. “Churches on fire. Trees on fire. Everything's on fire. The air is thick with the stench of Doom one might say.

“After everything burns, nothing's left but ash.”

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