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Unlimited Highlights: Walter Simonson

Check out this legendary creator on Thor, the X-Men, Fantastic Four and more!



By Ben Morse

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This week, the one and only Walter Simonson returns to Marvel as the artist on AVENGERS #25, Brian Michael Bendis’ first tie-in to Avengers Vs. X-Men on that title. To celebrate, we’re looking back at Walt’s quintessential work on THOR, FANTASTIC FOUR and more of the Marvel Universe pillars he helped establish.

THOR #337

Walter Simonson begins the run on THOR that redefined “epic” and brings Beta Ray Bill with him! The champion of the alien Korbinites, noble warrior Bill finds himself drawn into the orbit of Asgard, crossing paths with Odin and Thor. Will this extraterrestrial champion prove a hero on par with the God of Thunder himself? Simonson would set the standard for Asgardian adventure during his three-year tenure, and it all begins here!


When a god loses his way, where does he turn? Simonson set out to answer that question by putting Balder, staunch ally of Thor and most noble of the Aesir, on a path to rediscover the warrior spirit that had been torn from him. Embarking on a quest that takes him far from home, Balder endeavors to save Karnilla, Queen of the Norns and his sometime lover, from the curse of an evil giant in this classic tale of action!

THOR #364

What perils could a place as peaceful as New York City’s Central Park possibly hold for the son of Odin? After Loki transforms Thor into a frog, plenty! In one of Simonson’ most offbeat and memorable tales, the God of Thunder lands amongst a clan of amphibians in the Big Apple and becomes entangled in their war with the rats plaguing their home. Fortunately for them, the Frog of Thunder still has Mjolnir on his side. Sound ridiculous? Think again—it’s awesome, so read on!


In this trippy tale, the X-Men duo of Wolverine and Havok insert themselves in an international incident and end up battling terrorists from around the world. Alex Summers has fallen for the absolute wrong girl and it could spell disaster for him and his teammate. Can Wolverine pull him out of the fire or will the mutants revisit Chernobyl? Find out in another Simonson doozy!


Check out Walter Simonson’s take on Marvel’s First Family! Cosmic disturbances have begun rippling across time and space, meaning it’s up to Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch to investigate, with Thor and Iron Man in tow. Where will their bizarre trip through the eras lead and how do Galactus and the bounty hunter Death’s Head figure in? It’s one of the most mind-bending FF expeditions of all-time!

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