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Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing Liveblog: First X-Men

The legendary Neal Adams is joined by Christos Gage and Nick Lowe to talk about this exciting new project!

Writer Christos Gage and editor Nick Lowe joined the legendary Neal Adams to discuss FIRST X-MEN, a history-shaking five-issue limited series beginning this August. Replay for all the details!


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      Marvel marvel marvel. You can post as many positive comments in your blog as you want but go to any forum and you can see the fans dont want this. Stick it in an alternate reality and hope it goes away. Stop screwing with our continuity.

      Amitist06 member

      So now Wolverine is going to be the original X-Man... Can this please be a joke. Some readers out there actually like other characters and would like it if they were able to grow or at least hold on to some credibility.


      Sigh...Really? Another comic about Wolverine, boring.