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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Marvel's Best Rides

Get set for the DVD and Blu-ray of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance with the greatest vehicles in the Marvel Universe!

By Ben Morse

“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” blazes its way onto DVD and Blu-ray this week, pulling in for a pit stop on Tuesday, June 12, just in time for you to bring it home.

A pretty strong case can be made that Johnny Blaze possesses the sweetest ride of any hero—or villain—in the Marvel Universe. A sweet motorcycle with wheels and an after burn of pure hellfire? That’s tough to beat.

Check out some of these other masterful Marvel vehicles and then decide for yourself how jealous everybody else should be when it comes to the Spirit of Vengeance’s wheels.


Created by Mr. Fantastic—with a little help from his brother-in-law, auto enthusiast The Human Torch—the primary transport of Marvel’s first family can travel at extreme speeds and split off into a quartet of smaller sections. Ever the perfectionist, Reed Richards has been refining his original design for years.


The Black Panther and his Wakanda Design Group provided the specs and for years manufactured the Avengers’ iconic air vehicles. Each Quinjet possesses VTOL capability and five turbojet engines, from which it derives its name. Quinjets with specialized functions such as accommodating larger groups have been created over the years, but one constant has been they get destroyed pretty easily.


After using Professor Xavier’s personal jet and helicopter in their formative years, the X-Men later switched over to a modified spy plane referred to as “The Blackbird.” The mutant inventor, Forge, as well as the alien Shi’ar have upgraded the jet, improving the weapons system and speed as well as adding extensive stealth augmentation.


First driven by Microchip and later by others, the Punisher’s seemingly standard issue van conceals and impressive mobile armory, allow Frank Castle to take his weapons on the road and deploy at a moment’s notice.


Convinced by Corona Motors to promote their new nonpolluting motor, Spider-Man let The Human Torch convert a dune buggy into a customized vehicle that included a spider signal and web launchers. As native New Yorker Peter Parker didn’t know how to drive, he quickly wrecked the Spider-Mobile.


Johnny Blaze’s stunt cycle consists of pure hellfire, enabling him to produce it from seemingly nowhere upon his transformation into Ghost Rider. It requires no refueling, can travel at astonishing velocity, and provides the rider with impressive durability. While in less skilled hands the bike may prove hard to handle, a skilled cyclist like Johnny can utilize its supernatural properties to perform incredible tricks and travel down just about any route, no matter how treacherous. It also looks awesome.

Be sure to pick up “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” on DVD and Blu-ray beginning Tuesday, June 12!

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Batmobile! aiks sorry dc... Emm lets see... Can ride on Black Widow or not!?


Spider-Mobile FTW!!! LOL