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Introducing Dexter Soy

Meet the artist who will guide Carol Danvers through her inaugural mission as the new Captain Marvel!

Captain Marvel #1 preview pencils by Dexter Soy

By Ben Morse

When Carol Danvers takes her maiden voyage in a new role on July 18 in CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, she’ll have another first-time passenger along for the ride: artist Dexter Soy who will be making his Marvel debut.

Soy, an architect student-turned-illustrator from Pangasinan in the Philippines, joins writer Kelly Sue DeConnick to launch this fresh phase in Carol’s life and begin his own tenure at the House of Ideas.

“I [have] loved to draw super heroes since I was young [and] remember collecting trading cards and trying to draw them during class,” recalls Soy, who began posting his work online as he got older. “I was able to get hired by Marvel when Budjette Tan, a comic book writer here in our country, tweeted my Thor fan art piece and caught [Marvel Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development] C.B. Cebulski’s attention.

“He asked me for some more of my work and told [me] to do some actual tryout pages. [CAPTAIN MARVEL] editor Steve Wacker noticed my work and proposed if I wanted to on board for [this book], and so I did.”

Using the work of Mike Deodato—who has drawn Carol Danvers in the pages of NEW AVENGERS—in particular as inspiration for rendering his new leading lady, Soy has developed his approach to comic art by echoing his favorite creators and synthesizing them into his own take.

Captain Marvel #1 preview art by Dexter Soy

“My art style reflects the influences of the artists I look up to, like Joe Madureira, Humberto Ramos, Greg Capullo and many others,” he shares. “For my process, I initially do my thumbnail sketches for panels and then darken them up to form silhouettes. Then I work my way to resize the thumbnails and render the black areas to for a tighter image, then color them and finally add necessary textures and effects.”

While Jamie McKelvie designed the new Captain Marvel costume, Soy has worked to make it his own, embracing the exciting and difficult aspects alike:

“I like that the part of her helmet and face mask sort of leaves a space where her hair is flowing, which is at the same time challenging for me to make look really cool.”

Working with DeConnick, Soy hopes to provide Carol Danvers with the breakout moments her fans have been waiting for and make the Marvel stalwart even more integral to the larger universe.

“Artistically, I’m always trying to match the mood I picture [from the scripts] in my mind and put it on the page,” he explains. “I [think CAPTAIN MARVEL] will stand out with its great dynamic story and the awesome characterization portrayed by Carol. She will show how much she fits being Captain Marvel.”

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      nashs2007 member

      This looks like the most METAL comic ever! I will have Iron Maiden playing when I read this comic.