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SDCC 2012: Red She-Hulk

Jeff Parker moves Betty Ross into a starring role in her own ongoing series!



By TJ Dietsch


Come this October, HULK will get a makeover and become RED SHE-HULK with issue #58. The current book’s writer, Jeff Parker, will be joined by artist Carlo Pagulayan to present these adventures.


She's become convinced of a threat to humanity which is essentially, all people like her,” Parker says of Betty Ross’ new mission statement. “She's conflicted over losing her own human side, and she's acting out on a large scale based on that. But the thing is she may well be right.”


After writing the adventures of the conniving Red Hulk, Parker looks forward to a change of pace when it comes to putting Betty in the driver's seat.


I love having an uncompromising woman lead” he says. “Betty Ross has had to be in the supporting role for decades, and now she's breaking out. I hope everybody likes knock-down drag out fights!”


Bringing the action across, Parker will be relying on the shorthand he has developed with frequent collaborator Pagulayan as well as several other artistic contributors.


Red She-Hulk #58 cover

“I may describe things less in detail than I used to, because I know Carlo is going to absolutely kill on it,” the writer says. “He's incredible. I don't know many artists who can depict a woman you believe can throw tanks around and is also breathtakingly gorgeous.


“I'm also working with Wellinton Alves, who I worked with back on THUNDERBOLTS. He and Carlo will be teaming on the issues to make this a visual stunner. And that's also guaranteed by Val Staples on colors. This is a powerful art team and I have to make sure they have epic story to show off on.”


Traditionally speaking, She-Hulk comics lean towards the humorous side without letting up on the action. Parker says some of that will carry over into his new series, but notes that this ain't your typical Shulkie.


“There's humor in everything I write, but here it will be in service of briefly releasing tension” he explains. “This book is in many ways heavier than anything else I've written for Marvel. It just fits her righteous anger well that way.”


But what happens to Red Hulk? How come he's stepping aside to let Betty take center stage?


“He's got a new mission that takes him somewhere else cool,” Parker teases. “With [Red She-Hulk] comes the return of a Hulk that the public will fear, which is a very natural status quo for this book.”


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      well am done wit Hulk then..i was on the fence but this push me over.


      Outstanding writer, top notch artist, lame character.