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San Diego Comic-Con 2012

SDCC 2012: David Marquez

The Ultimate Comics Spider-Man artist signs exclusive with Marvel!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 preview art by David Marquez

By Tim Stevens


When Miles Morales creator Sara Pichelli moved off ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN to begin work on SPIDER-MEN, her successor, artist David Marquez, immediately established himself as a worthy successor. Marvel, in recognition of that, has signed Marquez exclusively, beginning immediately.


“I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity so early in my career,” the artist gratefully expresses “The last two years have been crazy as I worked my way up from the indies to ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN at Marvel.”


An important part of his decision to sign exclusively with Marvel came from the sense of security that will allow him to evolve further in his craft. 


“As exciting as [the last few years have] been, though, it's also been incredibly draining and stressful,” Marquez confesses. “Signing with Marvel gives me a safe place to grow, artistically and professionally, without the added stress of always being on the hunt for the next gig.”


As evidence for how this already has begun to pay off, the artist points to his recent work.


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 preview art by David Marquez

“I think the action sequence at the end of [ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #12] between Miles and his uncle Aaron is my strongest work to date,” he acknowledges. “I really chalk that up to what I learned earlier this year at the Marvel artist workshop, led by Howard Chaykin and Klaus Janson.”


This recent highlight stands as only a signpost on Marquez’s continued journey as an artist.


“I'm always striving to make the next issue better and bolder than the one before, and there are some really iconic images coming up in the Divided We Fall issues of ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN, hitting shelves over the next few months,” the artist assert. “Without a doubt, the interactions between Miles and Captain America in the Divided We Fall crossover issues are something I'm very excited about. There's a lot of really cool stuff coming up!”


Even beyond the chance to grow his talent, being part of Marvel right now just feels like being at the epicenter of some thrilling developments for Marquez:


“With Avengers Vs. X-Men kicking into full gear and the next several years of stories starting to take shape, I couldn't have asked for a better time to be brought into the House of Ideas.”


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 preview art by David Marquez

Fans of his work with Miles, however, should not begin counting the days until he moves just because the rest of Marvel’s output has him excited.


“I'll be sticking around on ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN for awhile,” Marquez pledges. “I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than telling Miles's story and working with the other amazing creators on this book, Brian Bendis, Justin Ponsor and the rest of the Ultimate team!”


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