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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Gambit

The Cajun thief gets caught red handed by our staff therapist!

By Tim Stevens

Remy LeBeau is an adult male who appears to be in above average physical condition. He presents as hygienic with an air of casual sloppiness. His hair is long and wild, his face frequently dusted by stubble. Close attention, however, reveals that this is very purposeful. The hair is just “this” wild, the stubble just long enough. It appears, therefore, that the way he allows the world to see him is a carefully constructed artifice. Thus far, though, this is a conversation he has been disinterested in having with this writer.

The client is a self identified mutant who has a history with several mutant organizations including the violent criminal gang known as the Marauders and the mutant rights group the X-Men. LeBeau also has what he describes as a “colorful past” that has included acts of con artistry and theft. Additionally, rumors have, from time to time, alleged that his past is not so past. He maintains these are inaccurate and that all the bad things he’s done are past or well known already.

Despite his protestations, however, the client’s history seems, in many ways, to still be very present for him. He harbors intense guilty feeling for his role in the so-called “Mutant Massacre” and, more recently, for his failed attempts to infiltrate Apocalypse’s inner circle resulting in his conversion to “Death,” one of the Four Horsemen.

The latter is of particular concern for the client. LeBeau has explained that while he is not “actively” Death, extreme emotional states can lead to a re-emergence of that (for lack of a better description) personality. Thus, he is asking for help regulating his emotional states to keep himself in control.

While this therapist is happy to help the client build his emotional regulation skills and begin to recognize triggers, it is not recommended that LeBeau utilize only that. If this personality brings with it physiological transformations including skin tone and abilities as well as the significant changes in attitude and thought processes, there may be some physiological issues that can be addressed. Emotional regulation is never a 100 percent solution; people do lose their tempers, become overwhelmed and so on, that’s the essence of humanity. So, with a transformation that carries this most ramifications behind it, it behooves the client to explore all methods of “control” or “elimination.” This is no mere other identity or personality. It was forced upon the client and carries with it tremendous, dangerous powers.

Regardless of what other avenues the client does or does not pursue to manage his symptoms, this writer is pursuing the emotional regulation approach, including the use of diary cards, development of distress tolerance techniques, and chain analyses to help the client explore what other choices he could’ve made in situations that might have better served his emotional health.

Remy LeBeau’s next appointed is scheduled for August 8 with Doctors James Asmus and Clay Mann  For further information, file name GABMIT #1 will be available that same time for review.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Practicum Trainee.



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