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Tuesday Q&A

Wednesday Q&A: Peter David

The X-Factor writer prepares to take his team to the edge in Breaking Points!

By Jim Beard

Writer Peter David’s connection to the characters of X-FACTOR stands throughout the industry as an example of devotion to a concept and detailed, long-term storytelling. First touching their lives in the 1990’s, He has played the long-game with unique characterizations, detailed plots and far-ranging goals, and his fans love him for it.

X-Factor #241 cover by David Yardin

At the San Diego Comic Con International 2012, David revealed that his upcoming X-FACTOR storyline, “Breaking Points,” would draw together many plotlines and dangling threads from over his current run in a way that should supremely satisfy the book’s avid readers. We caught up with the writer in the midst of a trip to Peru to ask him a few questions about this exciting new story.

Marvel.com: Peter, how would you define “Breaking Points” within the greater whole of your current run on X-FACTOR?

Peter David: I've been introducing plot lines and characters over the last couple of years, an entire series of story threads, and now I'm going to start interweaving them. People will see why I did certain things the way I did, and the significance of how they come together. Essentially the concept is this: over a five day period in X-Factor's life, a lot of things are going to happen, bam bam bam, one after the other, leaving the team fractured and reeling by the end of it—and ideally the fans as well.

Marvel.com: What one plotline of your run-to-date would you say is perhaps the most important to tie up at this time, and why?

Peter David: Of most immediacy, and the one that fans have been asking about the most, is the quest for [Wolfsbane’s] child. It's not only the most blatantly outstanding one, but it's also significant to Rahne's personal growth.

X-Factor #243 cover by David Yardin

Marvel.com: What can you reveal of the “Breaking Points” plot and its main challenges? How does it all begin?

Peter David: The very first issue returns to the three other-dimensional villains we dropped into our world at the end of “They Keep Killing Madrox.” They've been left abandoned, at odds with themselves, plus the other-dimensional Dormammu is significantly depowered. “Breaking Points” launches with his endeavor to try and reclaim his power, and it goes from there.

Marvel.com: So, which of the other team members might we expect to see most impacted by this storyline?

Peter David: Honestly? All of them. That's really what this comes down to. Every single character is affected by the next five issues.

Marvel.com: Why do you feel that readers have a high interest and investment in Magneto’s alleged status as Lorna’s father?

Peter David: Probably because there have been aspects of Lorna's background that have been left dangling for literally decades. It's not just Magneto himself; it's the entire story behind the demise of her mother and father, and whether Magneto had anything to do with it. All of this will be answered.

X-Factor #245 cover by David Yardin

Marvel.com: After “Breaking Points,” where do you go from there with the book? What kind of changes might readers see?

Peter David: I hate to be coy about it, but if I told you that, then that would give away too much of what I'm doing. All I'll tell you is that I'll be clearing the decks for genuine hell on earth.

Marvel.com: Looking back on all your X-FACTOR stories, which have been your most favorite and which have charged you up to continue on with the title?

Peter David: Probably the one with the catastrophic birth of Madrox's baby. The reveal of Shatterstar and Rictor's relationship. And anything having to do with John Maddox.  But honestly, all I need to be charged up is to sit down and start writing the next issue. That's all the inspiration I require.

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