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Lost In Space: Nova #9

The Human Rocket blasts through the barrier to...somewhere. But just where is Knowhere?

By Eric Drumm Nova may be all-powerful, but what he wouldn't give for a space map right about now! In his attempt to save the universe from the Phalanx, the Human Rocket found himself...somewhere. Stranded in uncharted space, not even his all-knowing, in-head companion Worldmind could tell Nova where he was-let alone call for help. So, just where is Knowhere, and is there an escape route? First, let's take a quick look back... Richard Rider, the last of the Nova Centurians has had a pretty hard time of late. As the lone super spacecop, Nova has been fighting off the Phalanx and a nasty case of their assimilating transmode virus. Conjuring all of his Nova force to keep the virus at bay, he and Worldmind used a hyper-gravimetric wormhole to break out of Phalanx-occupied Kree space. It was a last ditch effort to call for help, but something went very wrong. Nova bumbled his way off course... WAY off course. Now outside the known universe, he spiraled off into the unknown. The strange and completely weird place Nova found himself in has a name-Knowhere. A place as cryptic as its name, the only one who has been able to give him any answers has been a talking dog. That's Russian. And a cosmonaut. Aptly named Cosmo, the conversing canine revealed to Nova that the floating city of Knowhere is actually the severed head of a Celestial. You know, the Celestials-those all-power cosmic beings with seemingly limitless force? Well, much like Nova, we'd hate to meet whoever or whatever can decapitate one... What can be that powerful? "A mystery that will have to wait for now, but it's a biggie!" teases the collective hive mind of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the NOVA writing team. If being lost in space inside a severed head with a loquacious Lab wasn't a big enough challenge, running on a low battery ups the ante. Using almost all of his Nova force to keep from Phalanx-ing out, Rich doesn't have a lot of juice left. In a place where literally anything can happen, he may not have the power to fight off whatever is lurking around in the shadows. How much time could he have left before he turns back into a Select? "We'll see how long he can last over the next issue or so," explain Abnett and Lanning. "He's really at the end of his reserves, and the virus is really strong." Nova fought so hard to escape slavery to save his world and now he is being swallowed by space itself. Being a one man Nova Corps sounded a lot better in the abstract. Things are going to get a whole lot more weird-and Nova hasn't even met the bloodthirsty space zombies yet! Wow, did someone just say bloodthirsty space zombies?! Take a good look at what Knowhere looks like in NOVA #9 by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Wellington Alves on sale December 12.



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