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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Ultimate Captain America

The Super Soldier supreme battles terrorists, scientists and even allies in a brave new world!



By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week, to kick off Divided We Fall and mark Captain America’s triumphant return to the front lines in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #13, we’ve got five incredible issues starring the Ultimate Sentinel of Liberty! Watch this all-different Steve Rogers take on Nazis, mad scientists, his own evil progeny and so much more, right here in Unlimited Highlights!


Bullets scream through the air and mortar shells blast the sand as the invading American forces attempt to push their way into a Nazi stronghold. The beachhead becomes a killing field and only Captain America can save his men from the grinder. How does he do it? By flying a plane straight down the Nazis’ throat and serving up some good ol’ fashioned knuckle sandwiches. Then they launch the missile, the one that will change Steve Rogers’ life forever. Welcome to the beginning of a whole new Captain America!


After Loki and his Liberators decimated New York and Washington D.C., the heroes struggle to pick up the pieces of the broken cities and shattered country. Unfortunately there’s never any rest for the weary. Arnim Zola, one of the Third Reich’s most brilliantly deranged scientists, has risen from the ashes to take advantage of the chaos. It’s up to Captain America and The Falcon to take him down. Witness the first Ultimate team-up of these two classic compatriots right here!


In the jungles of fabled Wakanda a young prince falls to the razor sharp claws and teeth of a black panther. His father, the king, sends him to Weapon X to heal. Then Nick Fury takes over and the prince never comes home. The transformed T’Challa becomes an instrument of war and Fury means to use him. He trains under Captain America and makes it to the Ultimates, but not before Cap finds out the truth about The Black Panther. Will Steve Rogers cross the director of S.H.I.L.D. and lie to his teammates to do the right thing?


After Magneto’s Ultimatum Wave rocked the eastern seaboard, all the scum seems to be crawling out of the cracks to grab a piece of the pie. A.I.M. operatives bust into the Baxter Building, but Captain America and Hawkeye take to the skies for some high-flying helicopter combat. However, while dueling with the yellow terrorists Cap runs into someone who takes him apart in a matter of seconds. Who is this guy, and how is he connected to the star-spangled soldier?


Cap wakes up in France after a botched operation in North Korea. A man with the American flag tattooed on his face served our Sentinel of Liberty his butt on a silver platter and Steve wants revenge. Turns out ol’ flag face played Captain America in the Vietnam War before going rogue and becoming a traitor, selling his super soldier blood to the highest bidder. Cap sets out for the deep jungle to clean up this mess and show this freak what it really means to wear the stars and stripes.

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