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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: 5 Exotic Marvel Locales

Exploring the wonders of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited to find this week's must-reads

In light of the release of MARVEL ATLAS, here are a few issues plucked from the expansive collection of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited in order to help you bone up on your Marvel locales. This list of Marvel's top five scenic destinations spotlights the good, the bad and the primitive, so visit MDCU to read these killer comics now.

X-Men #10

The Savage Land: Take it back to the old school with X-MEN #10, set in the Savage Land. Buried deep within the Antarctic tundra, there lies a primitive jungle world where dinosaurs run wild. Meet Ka-Zar, the Lord of the Jungle, and his loyal saber-toothed tiger, Zabu, as they help the X-Men battle the swamp people and retrieve the kidnapped Marvel Girl. And for fans looking for a more recent Savage Land fix, check out NEW AVENGERS, as the series' first arc wrapped up in the Savage Land.

Wolverine #4

Madripoor: This southeast Asian island paradise is a mecca for the idle rich and rugged outlaws. So, naturally, Wolverine fits right in with the latter, right? Watch Wolverine—in his Patch persona—tear up the streets of Madripoor and cause a whole mess of property damage as he dukes it out with two of the island's toughest thugs. WOLVERINE #4 is a must-read, told in the gritty noir style that built Logan's reputation. This issue also marks the first appearance of Roughhouse and Bloodscream (known then as Bloodsport), two unsavory fellows who typify the seedy side of Madripoor.

X-Men #104

Muir Island: See: Storm, Banshee, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus fight their first battle against Magneto! Behold: Colossus get thrown around like a rag doll! Marvel as Moira MacTaggert's lab get trashed! Gasp as Wolverine does what he does best! X-MEN #104 (still before changing over to UNCANNY) provides all of that and more as the fresh-faced X-Men head to Muir Island. Magneto, all grown up and super-angry, with his legion of evil mutants plans to rid the world of the X-Men once and for all. What will happen?!

Fantastic Four
Annual #2

Latveria: You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you come from, son! So join us in remembering our roots with another Stan Lee and Jack Kirby adventure in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2. Get wrapped up in the very first appearance of Latveria, the tiny Eastern-European nation under the absolute rule of the maniacal Doctor Doom. Bonus: The epic issue features the first revelations of Doom's origins, from poor Gypsy to Reed Richards' schoolmate to the megalomaniac we have grown to love.

Uncanny X-Men

Genosha: Part one of the sweeping "X-Tinction Agenda" crossover that spread throughout UNCANNY X-MEN, X-FACTOR and NEW MUTANTS, the tropical island paradise of Genosha is the battleground du jour as the X-Men and the New Mutants team up to battle Cameron Hodge and his mutant-hating cronies. With a new government established in Genosha, the X-Men stand trial as terrorists and it gets nasty, nasty, nasty! What are you favorite Marvel locales?

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