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Ask A Skrull

Ask A Skrull: Black Bolt

The Skrull who posed as Black Bolt answers YOUR questions on Secret Invasion, the Illuminati and exactly what he did about Me

By Ben Morse and Brian Michael Bendis

"Black Bolt"

Another alien bombshell dropped a couple weeks back in NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI #5 as that group's "Black Bolt" stood revealed as an insidious Skrull infiltrator prepping for Secret Invasion! How long has the supposed monarch of the Inhumans been a Skrull? What did he learn during his tenure with the Illuminati? And did he and Medusa...y'know... These are just a few questions the Illuminati had for the Skrull in Inhumans clothing, but unfortunately for them, Namor skewered the dude before they could ask any. Oh, and then his body got spirited away by a pair of Super Skrulls. Luckily, we here at Marvel.com have mustered our knowledge of the alien and the arcane to reach into the Skrull afterlife and pull "Black Bolt" back long enough to answer questions posed by you, the readers. Here's what the no-longer silent extraterrestrial had to say for himself.

Civil War:
the perfect

Crimson: Mr. Black Bolt Skrull, this plan has apparently been in the works for years (Marvel Time), so why strike now? Certainly the Civil War has divided the heroes, but why not in the aftermath of "Onslaught" or "Avengers Disassembled," for example? "Black Bolt": The time is now. As is written in our scriptures. First the planet eater known as Galactus came upon the empire like a plague, then followed by the holocaust that was the Annihilation Wave. All signs that the earth is to be ours. Arilou: Mr. Black Skrull: You know that your power is gone, fleet destroyed, armies scattered, cities crushed and people enslaved, right? In short: Your insolence has cost you your empire.

Meet your new

So, considering the number of Skrulls left, isn't an invasion a tad ambitious? Especially when your greatest warrior seems to be out fighting galactic threats. I mean, you don't have much of an empire anymore. "Black Bolt": First of all, your tone is grating. You will be among the first to feel our wrath!! Secondly, we have tricks up our sleeves, my human friend. Don't underestimate the power of the empire.

First appearance
of the Skrulls

rZi: What was the first sign of the Skrull invasion? Like, if I look back in my old books, which moment will I re-look at and be like, "Ahh now that makes sense," or look at differently with suspicion? Please tell me it's not the guy in the shadows who ordered the attack on the raft by Electro in NEW AVENGERS #1 "Black Bolt": Remember back in the '60s when Reed Richards turned a couple of us into cows? That would be the first clue this was coming.

As usual,
blame Richards

jafabian: How long have you been on Earth? Have recent events been put into motion recently or does all this stem from when you first encountered the Fantastic Four?
"Black Bolt": You'll find out in upcoming issues of NEW AVENGERS. What did you learn from having Doctor Strange in captivity? Are there mystics on the Skrull throneworld who examined his amulet and cloak? If so, why has Doc never encountered them before?

Doctor Strange
and his glorious

"Black Bolt": All will be revealed. But I can tell you we learned that not everyone can pull off that mustache. Did you learn anything from your internment of Iron Man? How does his technology compare to what the Skrulls use? "Black Bolt": We didn't have the iPhone. That was new for us. So we thank you for that. And the roller skates on the armor. That was an interesting choice. What other groups have you infiltrated?

Who do you

"Black Bolt": All of them. Including the Teen Titans. What's your overall goal? "Black Bolt": What do you think it is, smart ass? When you masquerade as someone, what do you do with the actual person you are masquerading as? "Black Bolt": You'll find that out in SECRET INVASION #6. Or #7. Why do so many alien races always come to Earth when Earth's technology and social development is supposedly inferior to other worlds? What's so special about our planet to the Skrulls, Shi'ar, Kree, Brood and others? "Black Bolt": Hey, why do you live here if you have such a hate-on for the place? Was Captain America really killed or was that a Skrull agent?

Cap's death:
a Skrull hoax?

"Black Bolt": Ed Brubaker is not a Skrull agent. Matt Fraction I'd keep an eye on. RJ Squires: How many more of your brethren are masquerading as either Earthlings or Earth's super-heroes "Black Bolt": Not as many as you think. But the ones that are, are perfectly placed. DABEARS: Why didn't Karnak notice any flaw in you? "Black Bolt": Johnny Carson passed away years ago. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi-yooo!] scion969: Have Medusa and Black Bolt reached a point in their relationship where they don't interact, or does she just pay that little attention to her husband? "Black Bolt": She never lets Black Bolt talk.

Nick Fury's still

Feltonbass: Do you know Nick Fury? "Black Bolt": We dated a couple of times. It was nothing serious. Do you FEAR Nick Fury? "Black Bolt": Ah! A trick question. If I say yes then you know he is not a Skrull. If I say no, you think he might be. You're not going to get through this crossover event that easy my friend. And by "friend" I mean "he who I will enslave." Uzumerid: What's your favorite formatting of no-comment ellipses? I.E., did you prefer going "..." to ". . ."? What about "...?!" Did you ever like punctuation on your ellipses? Or were you more just about not having word balloons at all?


"Black Bolt": I was very fond of the cocked eyebrow. Atom: Was it hard pretending not to speak while disguised as Black Bolt? I mean, honestly, mime acts only go so far to manipul... I mean guide others into making decisions. "Black Bolt": Honestly, I found it rather relaxing. What in particular brought you to Earth? I mean, was it the smog, the traffic or perhaps the food? Geno's does happen to have some of the tastiest pizza in the galaxy. "Black Bolt": And chik-fil-a. That is to die for. And you will die for it. How can I become a Skrull? It sounds all rather cool to shapeshift and all that, and it wouldn't hurt to be on the winning side when things happen.

Medusa gets

"Black Bolt": You will be among our slaves. That's the best I can do for now. ApolloCharn: Skrull Bolt, was that YOU that got trashed by the Hulk prior to WORLD WAR HULK? And was it YOU that got ousted as king of the Inhumans, or was that the real Black Bolt? "Black Bolt": All will be revealed in NEW AVENGERS. rwe1138: So...Medusa...you hittin' that? "Black Bolt": Gotta say-not a fan of the flat-chinned. I have a honey waiting for me on Terrax 9 who blows her away.
Stay tuned for further exciting installments of Ask a Skrull right here on Marvel.com and be sure to keep following the Secret Invasion Infiltration across the Marvel Universe!

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