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Fan Expo Canada 2012

Fan Expo Canada 2012: Ramon Perez

The award-winning artist joins the creative team of Wolverine & The X-Men!

By Jim Beard

In January, Eisner Award-winning artist Ramon Perez joins writer Jason Aaron on WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #25. That first issue takes Perez to the Savage Land and beyond with the students of the Jean Grey School and welcomes Logan’s brother Dog back into the fold.

“I was quite ecstatic when [editor] Nick Lowe contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in doing a run on the book,” explains Perez. “It's been a while since I've tackled any super hero books on a grand scale. Most of, if not all, of my super hero work has been on solitary characters like Captain America and Deadpool, and I thought it'd be really nice to finally tackle a team book, especially one comprised of such great characters. My favorite books growing up were always team books as I loved the interplay between the various characters personalities, so it's really nice to be a part of one right now.

“It just feels right. I just tend to go with my gut on these kinds of things.”

The artist’s eager and ready to dig into the mythos of Wolverine and deliver his own version of the character while maintaining everything that makes him one of the most popular in comics.

Wolverine & The X-Men #25 preview pencils by Ramon Perez

“I've been a Wolverine fan since I picked up my first [Chris] Claremont UNCANNY X-MEN comic way back when, so, it's a joy to finally tackle him in an official capacity,” Perez reflects. “He's in costume most of the first issue, but I do hope I can tackle him in his official uniform of the Canadian tuxedo: denim and plaid.

“As for the new kids on the block, I was mostly unfamiliar with the cast, but look forward to tackling them, especially Glob Herman; he seems like he'll be a joy to draw.”

He also notes that the Savage Land setting will stand as a fascinating challenge to convey its familiar yet alien flora and fauna.

“I haven't looked at anything yet, but I'll probably look at jungle locales from around the globe [for research]. Different trees, root systems, landscapes, waterfalls, whatever—I really try to go out of my way to lend a reality to a setting and populate it with life, creatures doing their thing in the background. The landscape, or backdrop of the story, is as much a character as anyone else in the story.”

But perhaps it’s working with his new partner Jason Aaron that’s charged Perez up the most for the WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN gig:

“I've respected his work from the moment I picked up his other work, and as soon as Nick Lowe contacted me, I immediately read all the WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN issues to date and was immediately hooked!

“I've been very lucky in comics, in that despite my catalogue of work being quite limited, I've had the joy of collaborating with great writers I respect and admire, from B. Clay Moore, Kathryn Immonen, Skottie Young, and now Jason. I get to experience how these writers tell a story, develop characters, and entertain their audiences. As a storyteller and writer in my own right this is something like finding a pot of gold, as I'm learning the craft through collaboration. I couldn't be happier.”

For more coverage of Fan Expo Canada, stay tuned to the official Marvel hub page all weekend long

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