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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Codename: Bravo

Attempting to unravel the ally-turned-nemesis of Captain America.

By Tim Stevens

Richard (NLN) is an adult male who presents as in excellent physical condition. His chronological age is difficult to estimate given his time in “Nowhere,” an alternate dimension where time felt as though it passed but with no physical record. Although his naturally white hair would seem to indicate he is advanced in years, nothing else about his physical presentation would confirm that hypothesis. Steve Rogers, the Avenger known as Captain America, fought alongside Richard in the subject’s role as the British super soldier known as Codename: Bravo during World War II and believes that the subject was older than him at that time, perhaps by as much as over a decade.

Incomplete records are an ongoing theme in assembling a profile of the client. Between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the governments of the United States and Great Britain’s hesitance in fully disclosing what information they have on Richard and those records that were destroyed during the Nazi’s brutal bombing campaigns on Britain, there exist many empty spaces in the narrative of Richard’s life including things as basic as his last name and as complex as what, if any, process he was exposed to in becoming a super soldier.

What records are available that this report draws on come predominantly from what is perhaps best described as a “peer counselor.” The British government had concerns about what it might mean to be a so-called super soldier but a modern system of psychological evaluation did not, as such, exist during the time period. Instead, it appears the subject was assigned a sort of “combat buddy,” a fellow soldier. It is unclear whether Codename: Bravo knew his compatriot was providing the British Secret Service notes on the subject’s actions and the conversations between the two. The information provided within seems quite honest but it still should be taken with a grain of salt. We do not know if Richard was trained in subterfuge. Regardless, he easily could have let some minor confessions out to paper over darker truths. It is impossible to say with any accuracy.

However, judging the subject by the information available, he seems to be a committed, patriotic individual who cared deeply about the fate of his country and its allies. He does discuss, from time to time, a certain rivalry and jealousy for Captain America as Rogers was both able to be more public—and thus receive more acclaim—and Richard was very aware that he was losing his love, Peggy Carter, to his then-ally. However, the feelings he expresses seem appropriate and at no time does he threaten violent action at either Carter or Rogers beyond one moment where he admits, “I could’ve socked that arrogant Yank right in the nose.”

Clearly, times have changed and it is does not strike this writer as far-fetched that the subject’s time in Nowhere is, at least, partially to blame. The description of this dimension presents it as a realm of literal nothingness that can, with an overwhelming sense of will, be bent to the wishes of the occupants. One assumes that the mental strain would have been incredible and failures wildly disheartening. Add someone with connections to the terrorist organization Hydra into the mix—that being his now wife—and is not difficult to see why Richard exhibits such a noticeably altered personality.

The key question now is can the subject be “returned” to his previous self. This writer would not hazard a guess at this time, not without at least having a face-to-face session with Richard. It is our basic philosophy here that there is no trauma that cannot be unraveled with time, but that requires the individual to be on board with that plan and it is impossible to say if the subject would be. For now, Richard would seem a tremendous threat and his mental state, while seemingly stable, could decompensate further in this writer’s opinion. As dangerous as he is right now, if that were to occur it is difficult to estimate what he could do to harm others.

For further insight into Richard aka Codename: Bravo, this writer would urge all to read file CAPTAIN AMERICA #17 by Doctors Ed Brubaker, Cullen Bunn, and Scot Eaton, experts on the subject. The report will be available on September 12.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Practicum Trainee who currently provides therapy and outreach at a state university.

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