Weekend Preview: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #34



COVER BY: PATRICK SCHERBERGER WRITER: FRED VAN LENTE PENCILS: CORY HAMSCHER INKS: CORY HAMSCHER COLORED BY: GURU-EFX LETTERED BY: DAVE SHARPE THE STORY: A series of mishaps makes Peter Parker the star shortstop on the Forest Hills High baseball team – opposing ace pitcher Harry Osborn and Midtown Academy in the citywide finals. Unfortunately, Harry's dad is one of these gung-ho sports dads who absolutely hates it – hates it – when his son's team loses. And when you're also the Green Goblin, you don't have to settle for cursing out the umpire from the bleachers. You can shove a pumpkin bomb up the opposing shortstop's left nostril! Oh, and we didn't even mention the moral issue of using performance-enhancing super powers in sports. All Ages …$2.99 IN STORES: December 5, 2007

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