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Unlimited Highlights: Hobgoblin

Peer behind the mask of this maniacal and mysterious Spider-Man foe!



By Ben Morse

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Since he first reared his creepy, pasty fright face in Spider-Man’s life, Hobgoblin has been one of the most frustrating and implacable villains ever to enter the Wallcrawler’s web, regardless of the man behind the mask. Whether the original Hobby, Roderick Kingsley, or modern day Goblin Phil Urich, this cackling and conniving creep has made Spidey’s life hell with his elaborate schemes and disregard for innocent life.

Enjoy these five digital classics spotlighting those twisted enough to call themselves Hobgoblin.


Before even becoming the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kinglsey crossed paths with Spider-Man in a variety of ways. The ambitious and cutthroat fashion designer ruined his rival, Narda Ravanna, and then came under fire when she assumed the costumed identity of Belladonna. The Webslinger would grudgingly save the life of the cruel Kingsley, but ultimate drive him to throw in with criminals in hopes of protecting himself and eventually transforming himself into an underworld power.


CIA agent-turned-mercenary Jason Philip Macendale got involved in the affairs of the Hobgoblin when he liberated Flash Thompson—Peter Parker’s friend whom Kingsley had framed—thinking he would ingratiate himself to the criminal, but instead incurred his wrath. As Jack O’Lantern, Macendale would battle Kingsley, with several other villains and Spider-Man himself getting involved. When the smoke cleared, after several more skirmishes, a second Hobgoblin would be anointed.


When Peter Parker and Ned Leeds travel to Germany on what should be a routine assignment, tragedy strikes, with Hobgoblin pulling the strings. What plans does the ghastly manipulator have for Leeds? What has he hired The Foreigner to do? And what role will Wolverine play in all this? When one of his close friends falls, Spider-Man finds himself pushed to the limit like never before. Will he succumb to his own rage?


A new Hobgoblin for a new generation! Phil Urich, nephew of Peter Parker’s pal Ben and formerly the heroic Green Goblin, has had it with the bum hand dealt him by life. He can’t get the girl, he’s got no power and worst of all, he can’t get the respect he once commanded gliding the skies and letting his Lunatic Laugh loose. When an opportunity presents Phil with the chance to get back in the game, what lines will he cross to seize it? Before the day ends, Spider-Man will have to contend with the deadliest incarnation of his old foe yet…


Hobgoblin uses the chaos created by Spider-Island to his gain in both his identities. Wearing the mask and cloak, Phil comes face-to-face with Randy Robertson, his workplace rival who has temporarily gained spider powers, and engages him in a pitched battle. Once Randy goes down for the count, the conniving Urich pounces on his girlfriend, Norah Winters, and breaks the happy couple up with information he picked up during the fight. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

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