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Marvel NOW!

Joe Quesada & Marvel NOW! on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch the Marvel CCO's appearance on late night TV and hear from Joe himself!

Marvel NOW! brings the top creators together with the biggest super heroes to deliver all new ongoing series beginning this Wednesday with UNCANNY AVENGERS #1. But there may be a new star joining the Marvel pantheon…and it’s Jimmy Kimmel?

Marvel NOW! came to ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live," as Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada visited the most exciting late night show on television to find out if there’s a chance for a mighty Marvel team-up of epic proportions. But just what ideas did Jimmy Kimmel have in mind for Marvel NOW!? And what surprise did Joe have in store for everyone? Find out in the video below:

We caught up with Joe to get his thoughts on the show...

Marvel.com: How did your appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live come about?

Joe Quesada: That’s one of the amazing things about being a part of the Walt Disney Company and a much larger family: there are so many opportunities for synergy between different aspects of the company. When we were looking for ways to promote Marvel NOW! on television, we thought that working with Jimmy was a perfect match and venue because of his love for Marvel and comics in general. He’s such a huge, lifelong fan and I think the segment really showed that. 

What you guys didn’t get to see were the conversations that Jimmy and I had about Marvel between takes. The dude knows his stuff. Oh yeah, and he has a staff filled with hardcore Marvel readers that kept grilling me about upcoming storylines and spoilers. Bottom line, they made me feel at home.

Marvel NOW! by Joe Quesada

Marvel.com: How does this appearance help let people know what Marvel NOW! is all about?

Joe Quesada: I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. We’re on TV and Jimmy has the perfect audience for us.

Marvel.com: Did you work with Jimmy and his people to come up with the content of your segment?

Joe Quesada: The origin of the idea came directly from Jimmy; that he was going to have me do a portfolio review of his old comic book drawings from when he was kid. I was floored when I heard that his mom kept them all and he still had them. Let me add that for an 11-year-old kid, those drawing were pretty damn good and the story was really creative.

Once I heard that Jimmy was going to be showing off his Kimmel Komix Universe and that his favorite characters were Muscle Man and Color Kid, I decided to do a quick rendering of what I thought they would look like thinking that you never know, we may be able to work it all into the piece. Since the entire segment was all ad lib, I had no idea if it would get worked in. But as it turned out, it ended up being the perfect way to close the segment.

Marvel.com: What was the experience like shooting the segment?

Joe Quesada: I’ll have to admit, during my tenure at Marvel I’ve done more TV shows, interviews, panels and presentations than I can count and I’ve never suffered from stage fright or nervousness. That’s probably due to all my years of playing in front of people during my early musician days, but I honestly got a bit nervous before shooting the segment with Jimmy. I think it’s because I’m such a huge fan and the whole piece was basically unscripted. A bit nerve wracking yes, but Jimmy and his crew made me feel right at home.

Interesting fact: I received several messages from fans who were commenting on how cool my office was. Well, I wish my office was that cool! That was all Hollywood magic, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” set design crew created that office specifically for the shoot.

Uncanny Avengers #1 cover by John Cassaday

Marvel.com: Why is Marvel NOW! such a great jumping on point for fans?

Joe Quesada: It’s great because every book in the Marvel NOW! relaunch begins a brand new story line with new creators, new looks, and new status quos. It’s a perfect time to jump into the Marvel U if you’ve never read comics or you’re a lapsed fan who’s been thinking about getting back in the game. Also, with all the wonderful digital options available like the Marvel Comics app, you can get your books instantly.

Marvel.com: How excited was Jimmy for Marvel NOW! and UNCANNY AVENGERS?

Joe Quesada: He was really into it! The coffee table that we sat in front of was stacked with Marvel NOW! material and between takes, I could see the 11 year-old Jimmy as he was paging through the books.

Don’t miss the beginning of Marvel NOW! today with UNCANNY AVENGERS #1, available in comic shops everywhere, on the Marvel Comics app, and the all-new Marvel Comics Webstore!

For more on Marvel NOW!, please visit marvel.com/marvelnow and join the conversation on Twitter using #MarvelNOW.

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      Apparently not all the people it attracts are able to use grammar or spell. The only real disappointment with this NOW! thing is that they felt the need to re-start series only a year or two into their new volume and that they thought they needed time-traveling X-Men to appease readers. We get it, the X-Men have, like, exclusive rights to time travel, now stop using it needlessly.

      IronNamor member

      crap concept your a ridiculous idiot change is something that happens in life deal with it and so is crossing entertainment its how you enlarge your audiance past guys who live in there moms basement like you uncanny avengers is a great idea cant wait to read it


      Crap concepts and a disrespect to fans. How sad to see the New 52-ish of Marvel.