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Civil War

What If Civil War Ended Differently?

The most controversial, most talked about series of 2006 was Civil War, in which the super human community was forever changed-but what if it all turned out differently? That question's at the heart of the star studded WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR, exploring two different possible endings to the comic book epic, by writers Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Daredevil), Kevin Grevioux (New Warriors) and Christos Gage (World War Hulk: X-Men). Teamed with artists Mark Djudjevic, Gustavo and Harvey Talibao, this What If is a can't-miss for Civil War fans-and it's wrapped up in two covers, one by Marc Silvestri and a wraparound by Djurdjevic! And if those two covers didn't have your jaws on the floor, wait till you see the special Djurdjevic sketch variant, showcasing the acclaimed artist's cover work like you've never seen before! Framed by Eisner-winning author Brubaker and acclaimed artist Djurdjevic, two stories take you on unforgettable paths through the possibilities of Civil War. In the first story, by Grevioux and Gustavo, Captain America unites all the heroes against Registration while Henry Gyrich takes the Registration Act into his own hands-with terrifying results! The second story, by Gage and Talibao, explores the consequences of Iron Man losing the war and how it affects the entire Marvel Universe! Democracy is put to the test-and through its paces-in this timely political tale. "WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR continues to explore the political issues the original series tackled," explained Editor Justin F Gabrie. "Both of the stories within are meant to go in completely separate directions, hopefully in ways you wouldn't expect." We've all seen what happened to the Marvel Universe in the wake of Captain America's death-but could that tragedy have been avoided? Could there be a happy ending to the event that tore apart the Marvel Universe? Only one comic has the answers and it's called WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR, the extra-sized issue that fulfills your Civil War withdrawal! WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR SILVESTRI COVER (OCT072129) WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR DJURDJEVIC WRAPAROUND COVER (OCT072130) WHAT IF? CIVIL WAR DJURDJEVIC WRAPAROUND SKETCH VARIANT COVER (OCT078048) Written by ED BRUBAKER, KEVIN GREVIOUX & CHRISTOS GAGE Penciled by MARKO DJURDJEVIC, GUSTAVO & HARVEY TOLIBAO Cover by MARC SILVESTRI Wraparound Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC Rated T+ ...$3.99 FOC-11/29/07, On-Sale-12/19/07 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook



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