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Spider-Man Day in New York City

The Webslinger celebrates his 50th birthday by setting a Guinness World Record!

By Tom Lafferty

Even after 50 years, your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is still breaking records. This time, he’s in the Guinness World Records books for the Most Contributions to a Greeting Card, with a final count of 2,707 signatures.

The signing of the oversized birthday card began during New York Comic Con on Friday, October 12, after Commissioner Katherine Oliver of Mayor Bloomberg’s office officially declared October 14 to be Spider-Man Day in New York City. After the announcement event at the Marvel booth, fans lined up to make their mark on the wall-crawler’s historic birthday card.

“To my mind, Spider-Man is the most famous citizen of New York,” said Stephen Wacker, editor of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. “He’s a great example of every New Yorker’s ability to stand up to adversity, to snark their way through daily struggles, and to weave through tourists in Times Square. Also like the citizens of New York City, Spidey realizes the truth of ‘with great power must come great responsibility.’ Time and again, Spidey has persevered after being knocked back and underestimated. The World’s Greatest City deserves the World’s Greatest Super Hero.

“It’s an honor for all of us here at the House of Ideas that Marvel-ous Mayor Michael Bloomberg recognizes Spidey’s contribution to the city’s history, and we appreciate the thousands of New York Comic Con attendees who took the time to sign Spidey’s 50th birthday card—now we just need a big enough envelope, and we’d like to invite the mayor to be the first to lick it!”

Michael Janela, an adjudicator from Guinness World Records, made the record official on Sunday, October 14. At the time, the card had just over 2,300 signatures. By the end of the show, it had over 400 more.

“Spider-Man has been doing amazing things for 50 years, and he’s added one more notch to his resume,” Janela said “He’s now a Guinness World Records holder, officially. It’s exciting stuff, you don’t get to just break a world record any day, but to do it on his birthday celebration at New York Comic Con is pretty awesome.”



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